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" A visit to Pin Mill to see the family"

Date & start time:      Saturday 1st - Tuesday 4th June, 2018.

Location of Start :     By the red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 143 211).

Places visited :          A long drive across England to Pin Mill on the River Orwell.

Walk details :             Local walks around the village and riverside.         

Walked with :             Cathy, Jack, Alexander, Ann and our dog Dylan.

Weather :                    Sunshine all the way . . . almost.

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We're down to Suffolk to visit Cathy at Pin Mill, and more of our family,

as well as catch up on a few odd-jobs that really needed doing about Cathy's house.  A busy ten days for everyone.

The drive was about 325 miles long and took most of the day as the traffic was busy and we didn't rush.

It was notable for two torrential thundery downpours on the way down which were exceptionally heavy but over as quick as they started.

Saturday morning and a familiar archway . . .
. . . the River Orwell, Cathy's view from the courtyard.

So nice that I just walk around and take in the sights.

The orange trailer is a boat hoist to launch and later retrieve boats from the water.

[ A tractor tows it down at low tide, the water rises, the boat sails in, the tide falls once more then it is towed ashore.]

A fine wooden hulled boat over winters behind the workshops.
More are being made ready for the water whilst in the boat park.

The red sails belong to two Thames Barges.

They are far too big to tow out so any work on their hulls has to be done in a dry dock or when beached at low tide.

Everyone is up for a short walk along the water's edge towards Woolverstone Marina.

The Butt and Oyster pub recedes into the background . . . we'll have to put that right later !

The 'holiday-let' barge is no more and is now just a hull without any superstructure.

The owners have moored a newer boat on the far side which now acts as their holiday accommodation.

Lovely poppies as we walk the field paths.
These are growing amongst a cereal crop.

Looking across the river at Orwell Park House and school just as another Thames Barge sails in on the rising tide.

It has a full complement of visitors on board who are out for an afternoon river cruise.

Looks like hard work !

A fair wind is helping them up the estuary towards Ipswich . . . but they'll probably need a engine to get back to Harwich on time.

Finally we see it round the bend beyond Woolverstone Marina.

In the background is the Orwell Bridge carrying the A14 road traffic towards Felixstowe and Lowestoft.

With high tide there are others out on the water enjoying themselves, albeit in slightly smaller boats.

This one is an RS500 class sailing dinghy, normally sailed by skipper and one crew.

The older style of a classic Wayfarer dinghy also taking advantage of the gentle breeze.

We've turned for home now . . . heading back towards the Pin Mill.

Two lads holding up a tree . . grandsons Alexander and Jack
Markers and moorings.
Back to Pin Mill once again . . .
. . . to the old and not so old barges.

Visiting boat men and women coming ashore . . .
. . . to view the local gallery ?

. . . or perhaps to take advantage of the short walk to the pub.

Did someone suggest a pint . . . . ?

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