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" Rannerdale with Harry "

Date & start time:    13th February 2018,  3.15 pm.

Location of Start :    By the roadside pines, Crummock, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 168 177 )

Places visited :         The old road up to Rannerdale Hause from Buttermere.

Walk details :             1 mile, 120 feet of ascent,  50  mins.

Highest point :          Getting Harry our for a longer walk ... and seeing him smile !

Walked with :             Ann and the dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                    Sunshine with a wintry shower.

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The weather is still cold and the tops decidedly snowy.

Ann and I fancy a walk Buttermere direction and decide to test out Harry's walking skills

now that he has got over his recent bouts of poor health.   Both dogs are in the car and a reasonably short walk is in prospect.

Setting the scene today . . . the road dips after Lanthwaite Green and opens out to reveal Crummock Water ahead.

Around Hause Point and the snow on the high fells encourages me to stop and record the scene.

Name the fells . . . all will be revealed shortly.

Harry would appreciate a fairly level walk so we stop at the pines near the top of Crummock.

Don't get confused . . . these are the Crummock Pines not the Buttermere ones.

When the sun goes behind the cloud it looks a lot colder . . . better take gloves and a hat !

Gloves, hat and two dogs . . . a pleasant change to walk with both of them together once again.

The green track leading away into the distance is the old pony track from Buttermere up onto Hause Point.

Soon the sun is out again and everything is looking more colourful.

Harry seems to be happy to be back out on fell paths once again . . . it beats walking the local fields all the time.

Looking across at Red Pike over the top of an ancient Hawthorn tree.
The car below, Great Gable clear of the clouds behind.

I was just about to say it was turning out nicely and then we looked around at Mellbreak.

A wintry shower was proceeding up the lake . . . heading our direction.

We made a futile gesture by sheltering under a bare tree from the hail shower.

Still the wide trunk of the tree did offer some protection.

The shower moves on and we re-start our walk.

Up here Dylan can run around at his leisure whilst Harry successfully plods onward . . . his best foot forward.

He's got four to chose from but none of them work particularly well at his advanced age.

The recent rains and snow have made the ground soggy

and several little springs take advantage of our path to flow sideways across the fell.

We've reached the highest part of this path and are rewarded by a view over the hause and down the lake to Low Fell in the distance.

Sunshine and blue skies . . . intermingled with low afternoon clouds.

Take five Harry . . . and try to convince Dylan to smile !

Shadows here but bright sunshine on the snows of Grasmoor beyond,

as a small band of fellow walkers make their way down from the top of Rannerdale Knotts.

Time to be heading back . . . don't want to tire the old man out . . . or Harry either.

Sunshine, shadows, sunshine . . . a real variety of colours and textures to the weather today.

The bright snow of High Snockrigg with Robinson fell behind.

Dylan hoping the sunshine may dry out his damp, furry coat.

At the head of the valley are Black Star, Fleetwith Pike, Grey Knotts and Brandreth.

Haystacks is to the right and Great Gable, rather obscured by cloud, behind.

The white building is Wood House Guest House.

Winter High Stile Ridge . . . a study in blue this afternoon.

A repeat of the damp paths as we make our way back.

I think we can safely say that Harry has enjoyed his walk . . . even though it was only about a mile long.

A shaded interlude once again as we return to the car.

- - - o o o - - -

Being so close we drove on to Syke Farm in Buttermere . . . for a re-supply of eggs and milk of course.

Before we left we drove up to the church  to enjoy the views across the valley.

Slightly more grey tones than the earlier blues . . . but that is because the sun has just about set behind the fells to the west.

Time to be heading home.

- - - o o o - - -


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