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" The Mosser Track above Askill "

Date & start time:     Friday 26th January 2018,  2.30 pm.

Location of Start :    Roadside at Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 128 218 )

Places visited :         The Mosser Track to almost the Graythwaite Woods turn.

Walk details :             2 miles, 330 feet of ascent, about an hour.

Highest point :          The Mosser Track under Askill Knott.

Walked with :             Ann and our dog Dylan (Harry's at home after an earlier short walk).

Weather :                    Sunshine and blue skies, clouding over from the west towards sunset.

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A beautiful dawn . . . and the day continued in the same vein, with wide blue skies and minimum breeze.

After the chores of the day were sorted and we had taken Harry for a short walk

we were then able to take ourselves out on a slightly longer outing . . . but let's start at the beginning.

A bold light flooded in as I opened the curtains and doors and let the dogs out into the garden.

Yes . . . it was a brilliantly sunny morning.

Checking the weather forecast, it offered clear skies to the north west of the UK for most of the day.

As the mist cleared slightly I could see Buttermere Valley, sitting under a slight cloud inversion.

Behind it Great Gable stood out clearly with presumably excellent visibility from the top.

After breakfast for the birds, breakfast for the dogs and breakfast for ourselves, the sun had fully risen.

The valley mist had evaporated and the colours had changed from sepia yellow to misty white.

Mid-morning the valley hues were rather more "misty blue".

On closer inspection . . . there's fresh snow on the tops !

But I won't get anything done if I keep stopping to grab the camera every time I pass the doorway.

- - - o o o - - -

After lunch it was our chance to get out for a walk . . .

Parking roadside at the foot of the old Mosser road.

Before we headed up the track, I headed down to the lake shore.

The calm air allowed lovely reflections on the surface of Loweswater.

Across the way were Mellbreak and Hen Comb.

I leant out to get a clearer view of Mellbreak but nearly caused a large ripple . . . as the branch I was using for balancing broke off.

All that was left in my hand was a small and very rotten twig . . . that will teach me to look more carefully next time !

Along the old track . . . my photo-diversion meant Ann was ahead.
An old moss-covered log in the forest caused another photographic delay.
We came out hoping for a sunny walk . . .
. . . and clear of the trees we reached that warm sunshine.

The sun's reflection had just emerged from the top (or bottom) of the Burnbank skyline.

An optical illusion . . . the lake extends to the top of the photo . . .

but the reflected colours and shapes of Holme Wood merge with the trees on this side of the lake.

In silhouette it is no easier to understand . . .
. . . but it makes sense (hopefully) when I pan out to include the fells.

As we walk up the track the views widen and become more extensive.

We had chosen a walk on a 'south facing slope' to ensure the best of the remaining afternoon sunshine.

The western end of Loweswater . . . complete with misty flare on the lens . . . oops . . . maybe a thumb print !

The track levels out at "Jon's Seat" before climbing again.
The stream overflows at another blocked culvert below.

We pause at the seat and I tried to photograph several crows flying across the afternoon moon . . . but they flew away too fast.

Due to distance and physics (and all that) . . . the aeroplane, which was travelling faster, was of course much easier to capture.

Onward and upward, over the rough section of road to more level walking near the top.

© MGM Weinstein

Does it look familiar ?

This view of the valley was chosen for the opening scenes of the Beatrix Potter Film "Miss Potter"

staring Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.

There was no-one sitting in the field today, but our eyes were drawn to the bright, snow covered high fells

notably Pillar and Scoat Fell, over the back of the Red Pike to Great Borne ridge walk.

Loweswater and the taller view.
Keeping the home fires burning at Askill Farm B&B below.

This gate is at the top of the Askill bridleway . . . as Ann stops to look across at Carling Knott and Burnbank.

Most aircraft contrails in the sky follow more or less straight lines . . . that aircraft pilot seems to have turned sharply.

Perhaps he forgot his sandwiches and went back for them ?

Mosser Track . . . unsuitable for motors . . . this bit is wet, in places muddy and heavily potholed.

As we pause at the gate we debated extending the walk up onto Askill Knott

but there was a band of cloud approaching from the west which was already causing a haziness to the sun.

The temperature was starting to ease back towards the cold setting . . . so we turned for home.

The bright colours had gone as we reversed our outward route.
The moon was higher in the sky than earlier . . . time was getting on.

This steeper section is the roughest part of the track.

There's supposed to be a "Do not follow Satnav" sign at the other end, but some people still do.

Still, as we were walking, we didn't need a breakdown truck to get us back to the car down on the main road.

Good old Shanks's Pony would get us there.

- - - o o o - - -


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