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" Scotland - 4 - A Potter across to Lochinver"

Date & start time:     Monday 15th - Tuesday 16th May 20107.

Location  :                 A drive to Lochinver and then an alternative walk next day.

Stayed at :                 The Brochs of Coigach

Places visited :        Lochinver followed by Achnahaird Bay next day.

Walk details :           Local walk towards Garvie Bay and then Achnahaird headland.

With :                         Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                  Overcast with passing rain showers, mainly inland and away from us.

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The weather has taken a slight turn for the worse as a low pressure system moves in off the Atlantic.

Fortunately out on the end of the Achiltibuie Peninsular we miss out of much of the rain

as it rolls inland across the higher hills.

We take a drive today for a change . . . to visit a favourite pottery of ours higher up the Scottish coast.

A heavy rain shower rolls up Loch Broom while we watch from our picture window.

The island this side of the rain band is Horse Island, one of the inner Summer Isles.

A fortunate photo just after breakfast as I had left the camera in the window seat.

The large Buzzard had been cruising around within view for a minute or two but then suddenly hovered much closer to the ground.

I managed to turn the camera on and press the shutter just in time.

Today we drove along the narrow, single track road which twists and turns as it makes its way north to Lochinver.

Along the way we pass the Inverpolly Fish Farm . . . a land based fish farm run by Finfish Ltd.

At the estuary of the small river of Allt Gleannan t' Strathain we stopped to allow the dogs a walk

We were a little dubious because of the possibility of midges in this moist weather (not that we had seen any yet).

As it turned out there were none . . . but the dogs arived back at the car with about thirty sheep ticks crawling all over their fur.

They must have been nesting on a bush, and it took several minutes to pick them all off before getting back on our way.

The coastal hamlet of Inverkirkaig has a wide protected beach and an old red phone box that was in dire need of red paint

. . . funny how you remember that sort of thing !

The road improves as we approach Lochinver.
The dramatic summit of Suilven, seen across Loch Culag.

In the outskirts of town we stopped because I saw a deer jump into the adjacent field.

It turns out there were a few around and they appear regular visitors to the local sports field.

The Highland Pottery is based on the other side of Loch Inver from the fish jetty.

Once again Suilven and Canisp appear above the low lying coastal ground . . . it would prove inspirational for several of their pottery designs.

The Highland Stoneware Pottery and shop at Lochinver.

We parked in the alloted space close to an interesting looking car.

Inside the building it is both a shop and a working pottery . . . each of the pieces are hand made and hand painted.

The top row are the crazy sheep design set against a backdrop of the mountains.

In the shop (and in our home) the finished product . . . note how the colours change during firing in the kiln.

Outside . . . space to relax and enjoy the football if you want.

Order your Highland Stoneware pottery on line here

if you can't make it up to visit in person.

- - - o o o - - -


Highland Stoneware is used in the Broch we are staying at

and has been a favourite in our home for years.

Never once have we chipped or broken any of our pieces.


The company have been so successful that

they have also opened a similar establishment in Ullapool

which employs local people there

and makes more of the same pottery.


- - - o o o - - -

Whilst in Lochinver we had a quick drive around to see the rest of the town.

This is the Culag Hotel on the left and the fish wharf with its ice plant and warehousing.

It is also home to the RNLI Lochinver Lifeboat

- - - o o o - - -

The return trip was much the same, just reverse the photos . . . but leave out the stop for the sheep ticks !

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( Courtesy of the book case at the house )

- - - o o o - - -


Next day the cloudier weather was still about

but we thought we'd chance our luck

and try for a walk to Garvie Bay.


The tourist leaflet suggested you could walk around

the whole headland

but we thought we'd just opt for the black line

which looked like a track from the cattle grid

(bottom right) to Garvie Bay.


- - - o o o - - -

This was the view from the Achnahaird road as we rounded the corner from Polbain.

We're on dry roads . . . the poorer weather was all inland.

Still in luck . . . we parked at the cattle grid.

Stac Pollaidh should be up there on the left but it was obliterated by a passing shower . . . we packed our waterproofs !

The outlet of Loch Osgaig heads down a short river to the sea via Loch Garvie (above the  final gorse bush).

A simple stile encourages us over onto a faint path.

Sadly every direction ended in bog !

I think we were trying to walk down the wrong side of the river.

Still the river and the small waterfalls looked good as we made our way back to the car.

- - - o o o - - -

Plan B was to travel the short distance back to the parking spot on Achnahaird Bay (same map) and walk out onto the headland.

Looking back at the beach as we walked in the opposite direction from our walk two days ago.

The capstan . . . not looking so bright in the poorer weather.
Someone's artwork close by.
The dramatic cliffs contrast with the sandy bay . . .
. . . the path follows close by several lovely stoney coves.

A rock down on the shoreline attracted my attention as it looked a little like Sphinx Rock on Great Gable . . . only smaller.

Dylan adds scale as we drop down to investigate.
Harry stays back with Ann as the descent was a bit tricky for him.

A short second walk but quite sufficient for the day.

Back to the house now and see if that promised fine sunny weather is making its way back up the coast.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's new Panasonic Lumix Tz60 Compact, or my Panasonic Gx8 Compact System Camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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