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"  Visitors, History, a Wedding and Walks  "

Date & start time:    Last week in April 2017.

Location of Start :   The red phone box, Loweswater, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :         Mellbreak, Loweswater Church & cemetery, Beersheba War Cemetery, Israel, Keswick Theatre by the Lake and Low Fell's pine tree.

Walk details :              Several local walk(s) by various people.

High point :                Meeting everybody.

Walked with :             Hilary and David, Syd, Hilton, Jo, Neil, Ann and our dogs, Harry & Dylan.

Weather :                    Generally excellent but there's been a cold breeze this week.

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An interesting and busy week sees us entertaining and being entertained,

learning of village history, walking the fells and hearing of other people's walks,

being late for a wedding and very early for another ... what a week !

It started with a phone call from the top of Mellbreak

when Hilary and David gave us an idea of their timings of their walk.

They were due for tea and cake and a cuddle of the dogs afterwards . . . so we put the kettle on.

Hilary commented that, despite the sunshine, it was extremely cold on the top, due to the strong easterly breeze.

In fact the cold weather has delayed the growth of plants in the garden, the Rannerdale Bluebells are behind last year

and the meadow grass is growing slowly, just at the time when the sheep are looking for all the nourishment they can get.

Hilary and David wanted a few photos with the dogs and us.

Each took the camera in turn.

Then I remembered the self timer !

In talking cameras I also told them about the panorama program (Microsoft-Ice) that I use.

I showed them how two of their own pictures from earlier in the day

could be blended together to form a panorama of Loweswater from Mellbreak north top.

Hilary tried it later when she got home and created a panorama of Great Calva and the northern fells from Bakestall.

She was delighted.

- - - o o o - - -

Another day we had a visit from Syd Cornwell , who we last met at the Remembrance service on Castle Crag last November.

He had been doing some research on the men from Loweswater who lost their lives in the World War.

Jobby Beck the blacksmith used to live in our cottage.

His son Joseph died in the Second World War.
The Loweswater Memorial Lectern and typical medals.
The temporary memorial stone of Private J Beck . . .
. . . and the modern War Graves Commission headstone.

The young Joseph Beck lies in the Beersheba Cemetery in Israel.

In Memory of

Joseph Beck, Bernard Gamble, Percy Gamble, Emmanuel Norman, David Vickers and Joseph Beck (Canada)

Thanks Syd for the CD and the information.

Anyone wishing to research the six men who are mentioned on the Loweswater lectern are very welcome to contact myself or Syd.

- - - o o o - - -

Thursday evening found us in Theatre by the Lake Keswick for the Banff Film Festival World Tour

An evening of six adventure films, from 3 minutes to 40 minutes each, filled the evening well.

The show is on tour round the country . . . click on the link to see if there's still chance to attend a performance near to you.

- - - o o o - - -

Friday Neil came round for the evening.

He's up in the Lakes as part of his work and we were able to enjoy his company for a few hours.

- - - o o o - - -

There was also a local wedding this weekend too . . .

Loweswater church is decorated for Laura Robinson's wedding.

A modern wedding without the old protocol.
Jo studies the decorations after the wedding.

No sarcastic comments please . . . I'm just practicing for the photos for my son's wedding forthcoming in August this year.

What Hilton's saying I'm not sure . . . but it's not "I do".

While we were in the church I noticed Syd's Memorial lectern . . .
. . . and outside a recent addition to Chris Todd's grave, a new headstone.

- - - o o o - - -

After the church visit Jo and Hilton fancied a local walk up to the pine tree.

We walked the low level path through Whiney Ridding Woods and then cut up to the old lead mine addit.

It was a trial dig for lead . . . the tunnel is filled in but the spoil heap remains.

From the tree, the quality of the valley view is held back by the overcast nature of the day.

Our little group today . . . suddenly we were interrupted . . .

The two ponies came over for their usual polo mint . . . I bet you didn't know ponies like polos ?

[ Haven't you ever heard of Polo Ponies . . . all the royals have them !]

Those ponies were too big and scary for Harry and he beat a hasty retreat towards home.

Dylan ran down to fetch him so we could all walk home together.

Somewhere in this week there was also the walk up Hen Comb with Richard and Hilary (see link below).

We hope you've had a good week, we certainly did.

- - - o o o - - -

Pleased some of my photos were of use for you, I love the stitch from Mellbreak.

I also do a bit of family history and that clever programme has stitched together some old birth and death certificate scans that have been sent to me over the years. The old type of certificate are too long for the usual A4 scan and have to be sent as two images.....I suddenly had a thought yesterday and bingo, stitched. I'm thrilled, an added bonus.

Hilary and David.

- - - o o o - -


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