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" Swansea 6 - Mumbles, Langland and home "


Date:                            Sunday 9th April 2017, late afternoon and evening.

Location :                   Mumbles and Langland Bay, Swansea, Uk ( SN 607 873 )

Places visited :         Joe's Ice cream Mumbles, Langland, home via Bridgend and Bath on Monday.

Walk details :             Nothing significant walk-wise . . . full of meaning family-wise.

With :                           Family and friends.

Weather :                    Overcast and slightly hazy, turning out nice for the return trip home.


After our Mewslade Walk it was decided that it was "ice cream time" and only the local delicacy, Joe's, would do.

There are several Joes Ice Cream parlours in Swansea, one easy to get to in town just down from where we are staying

and the other is the more classic one at Mumbles. As Alexander hasn't been to Mumbles before

we chose what proved to be the difficult option due to the traffic and the crowds . . . still the ice cream was nice !

The Mumbles Promenade at Southend.

The tide is still on the way in so there's a fair amount of shingle and beach as yet uncovered.

Swansea has the second highest tides in the world, varying between 8 and 13 metres depending on the cycle of neap or spring tides.

Looking out towards Mumbles Head and the new lifeboat house at the end of the pier.

You can see the crowds strolling along the prom.

Cathy, Alexander and Jenna . . . purchase successful at last.

A second photo of them standing alongside a "green wall" on one of the new buildings on the seafront.

Can't spend the whole time standing up . . . Joes is best eaten seated and looking at the view of the bay.

- - - o o o - - -

In the evening it was back to another Gower bay but this one was close to home.

An old photo of Langland Bay courtesy of the Langland Brasserie where Jenna had booked a table for ten for her birthday.

The modern reality of Langland Bay.

The beach tents have gone, the green chalets stretch all the way along the prom

and the old refreshment cafe has been converted into a really modern restaurant.

Our final members of tonight's crew have just arrived.

Gareth detaches Luke's sleeping chair as Rhian carries him into the restaurant.

He went out to an Owen family function last night and to a Hiley function tonight . . . not bad for eight days old !

The birthday celebrations get under way

as Jackie encourages the fellow opposite to share the wine bottle a little more.

- - - o o o - - -


Jenna's a big kid now

but not so old that she can't accept presents

from friends and family.



Check out the hat, complete with label,

and a there's few other small gifts along the way.


- - - o o o - - -

Conversation flowed like water too.

For those that appreciate a view of dinner . . .

A rich seafood scialatielli . . .
. . . and a colourful carnivore option.

The menu and the venue were a delight and we would recommend Langland Brasserie to anyone staying in the area.

- - - o o o - - -

After dinner it seems that it was time to play 'pass the baby'.

 Auntie Jenna practising her baby skills.

Grandfather with plenty of practise behind him of course.

Sandra has a turn while she talks to Rhian.

Alexander holding Luke tight . . . but not too tight.

Sorted . . . and Luke didn't even wake up !

Presents for Luke tonight  too.

Gareth checks the clothing size and estimates how soon he can wear it.

He's already growing out of his smallest babygrow . . . Luke that is . . . not Gareth.

- - - o o o - - -

On Monday we said our goodbyes to one and all in Swansea and headed home via Bridgend.

On the way we called into the nursing home where Ursula is staying.

She was a friend of Ann and her parents when they lived in Bridgend and Godmother to both Gareth and Jenna

Her daughter Sian was also visiting, so it was also nice to catch up with her in person rather than just on the phone.

We were home in Loweswater by the time it was dark, after a busy long weekend away.

- - - o o o - - -


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