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" Swansea 4 - Oxwich Bay and a surprise "


Date & start time:     Saturday 8th April 2017, 3.30 pm start.

Location :                  Oxwich Burroughs, Gower, Swansea, Uk ( SS 503 881 )

Places visited :         Nicholson Woods, Oxwich Bay and The Oxwich Bay Hotel.

Walk details :             2.25 miles, negligible ascent, 1 hours 45 mins.

Highest point :          The small car park where we started  . . . then it was downhill all the way.

Walked with :             Gill, Cathy, Alexander, Sandra, Ann and the dogs,

                                      Rufus, Harry and Dylan

Weather :                    Sunshine and blue skies . . . slightly hazy.

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A walk down to Oxwich Bay was planned as an out-and-back stroll to the beach through the Nicholston Woods.

However, a mobile phone call from my youngest daughter added a new dimension to the walk.

She wanted to meet us at the far end of the beach, and so a location in the tea garden of the local hotel was agreed.

The walk now became linear in character with a bonus at the end.

The morning was slightly overcast but the change of weather has cleared the air nicely.

- - - o o o - - -


Time to wake the dog up if we're going out !


We're staying in Swansea at the kind invitation of Sandra and Jackie

but Dylan seems to be staying at the kind invitation of Rufus, their dog.


That dog bed far too small Dylan.

Get back on your own rug

and let the nice dog have his own bed back.

Anyway . . . it's time for a walk.


- - - o o o - - -

We travelled west out of town onto Gower once again . . . and parked off-road at Nicholson Woods, half way down Oxwich Hill.

One of several entrances to the Oxwich Nature Reserve.
There's only parking for three cars here so we were lucky today.

Today's happy walkers are Gill, Cathy, Sandra, Ann and Alexander . . . plus myself of course.

The track winds its way down through the woods . . .
. . . with views across to Oxwich Head.

The vegetation is quite lush in the woodland . . . here a Herb Robert is starting to bloom.

New growth on the woodland firns.

A small stream allowed the dogs to have a paddle and a drink . . . Rufus is the third dog today.

Too early for mass bluebells but the first ones are out . . .
. . . and it is already providing pollen for the bees.

Just as in Parkmill Woods yesterday, the wild garlic here is also starting to flower.

At the edge of the woodland a bridge takes the track out onto Oxwich Burrows.

Below is a channel draining the marsh.
Alexander climbing the outside the bridge . . . please don't fall in !

We head on down to the beach, surrounded by tall marsh rushes which grow along the edge the river.

The tall rock headland in the distance with a shadow on it, is Great Tor.

Three Cliffs Bay where we were yesterday is the beach beyond Tor Bay.

Ahead is another, newer bridge that carries the coastal path across the river.

Before that, a plank bridge crosses a smaller secondary channel within the marshland.

We continue on over that small bridge and go down to the water.

This gives the dogs their first real opportunity to play in the water . . . albeit slightly brackish (salty) in nature.

I press go to press the shutter they all turn away for some reason ?

They had spotted a herd of marsh horses further across on the sand dunes.

On the move again . . . Alexander retrieves something from the water . . . possibly a stick for the dog.

The marsh drains to the sea via this narrower channel . . . spreading out as it crosses the beach beyond.

We head on but not before Alexander practices his new bridge crossing technique along the way !

- - - o o o - - -


A few minutes earlier I had received a mobile phone call

from our youngest daughter

who is also in Swansea for the weekend.


We thought she was walking elsewhere with her friends today

but she announced that she was on the way over

" to join us for refreshments at the Oxwich Bay Hotel."


Our round trip suddenly became a simple linear walk

all the way along the beach to the far end

as she would be able provide transport afterwards

for me to return for the car.


Mobile phone technology does have its plus side occasionally.


- - - o o o - - -

On the beach now with a clearer view along the coast of Gower.

The headlands are Little Tor, Great Tor, Pennard cliffs and Pwlldu Head which all look out over the Bristol Channel.

We're heading this way, deeper into Oxwich Bay.

Spinky obviously loves somebody . . . hope the love is returned.

Walking the beach but looking into the sun . . . we seem to be quite spread out at the moment.

Gentle waves in the shelter of the headland . . .
. . . and just a gentle breeze rippling the sea.

The tide is coming in now and someone's pride and joy will soon be reduced to a shell.

Picture of a shell.

Don't be cynical . . . it could have been the crowning glory of someone else's earlier sand castle.

Multi-sport . . . canoeing, windsurfing and serious fishing.

Add to that paddling, barbecues, sitting and sunbathing . . .

As we walk along the beach we get nearer the car park and the crowds increase.

- - - o o o - - -

If all goes to plan our daughter should be sitting in the garden of the large white hotel building over the way.

Spot on . . . Chloe, Jenna and Katie . . . and a spare pint of amber nectar for me !

With all the crowds here on this sunny Saturday there were no more tables in the sunshine,

so the adjacent low wall was utilised to good effect.

A sneaky smile from Gill as I discuss the arrangements for getting the three girls, their luggage and myself

in Katie's small car for the return journey across the marsh road to Nicholston Woods.

- - - o o o - - -

One last shot on the way home . . . perhaps only really relevant to me.

This is the new housing development, on the site of my old Tycoch School where I spent the first seven years of my educational life.

The big stone school buildings and playground are gone.

All that remains is the old stone supporting wall on the corner . . . and that I remember as being much higher, more like ten or twelve feet high.

So much has changed but surroundings are strangely familiar.

Time to head back for supper and an evening at Sandra and Jackie's house.

[ Unfortunately Jackie had been putting up a new print exhibition at County Hall today so unfortunately couldn't join us for the walk.]

- - - o o o - - -



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