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" Swansea 1 - Luke Michael Hiley - First Pictures "


Date & start time:     1st April 2017 and the days following.

Location :                   Gareth & Rhian's House, Hendy, Swansea, Uk ( SN 538 033 )

Photos by :                Everyone else !      

Places visited :         Glangwili Maternity Hospital, Carmarthen and then home to Hendy.

New Arrival :              Luke Michael Hiley - 8lb 7oz.- born at 7.30am Saturday 1st April.

With :                           Gareth and Rhian.




A new arrival to the Hiley Family as Luke Michael is born to Gareth and Rhian.

All pictures by proxy. 

We'll have the chance to drive down to see him and enjoy a real family weekend in Swansea in a few days time.

The arrival of Gareth and Rhian's first born has been a eagerly awaited event.

He was a little slow in arriving, in fact he was sixteen days overdue . . . but he's with us now !

- - - o o o - - -

Proud Mum and Dad . . . these first pictures sent to us in Loweswater within the hour !

Gareth getting used to fatherly duties . . . and he occasionally puts him down to sleep in the hospital crib

. . . and Rhian relaxes in hospital after the birth.

Proud grandparents Rob and Viv . . . who visit their first grandchild while he is still in Glangwili Hospital.

They live locally and have been eagerly awaiting his arrival almost as much as Rhian and Gareth.

Going . . .
Going . . .
Gone !

After four days it was time to leave the hospital . . . and for Luke to spend his first night at home.

One of our favourites from all the photos we were sent in these first few days of his new life.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with everyone else's cameras or phones.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a new-born in the family.

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