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"  Keswick and Isthmus Bay "

Date & start time:    Friday 10th March 2017,   3.45 pm.

Location of Start :   Outside the Bank Tavern, Keswick, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 264 236 )

Places visited :        The Headlands, Isthmus Bay, Crow Park, Hope Park and town.

Walk details :            1.75 miles, negligible feet of ascent, an hour or so excluding shopping.

Highest point :          Successful retail therapy.

Walked with :             Dee and John, Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                    Grey and drizzly but thankfully no heavy rain.

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Yesterday's sunshine at Ennerdale Lake is replaced by low cloud and drizzle over most of Cumbria today

just as we had planned to venture over to Keswick to meet Dee and John.

We fit some retail therapy around the need for dog walk . . . Dee and Ann go one way . . . John and I go the other.

Hopefully we would all meet up somewhere in town at the end of the afternoon.

You can join this walk anywhere on the round depending where you park in Keswick . . . we started it with coffee in Dee and John's flat.

Ann had a couple of shops she needed to go to so she and Dee went directly into town.

However the dogs needed a walk so John and I set off with the camera on a circular route which included the lakeshore path. 

In 2014, 42 Greta Gardens 1960's style homes were bulldozed and the land re-developed to provide these 69 modern flats for the over 55's.  

There was lots of controversy about "affordable housing" for younger folk, which these are not,

but at least the development (now completed) has an air of quality and has used local stone to give a pleasing external appearance.

The flats look out over the Keswick Rugby Club and the Caravan and Camping Club campsite and chalet park.

A recent development on that area

has been the addition of a number of " Glamping Tents "

that's "glamorous camping" to you or I.

It seems you can now book a tent and turn up

knowing that you don't have to spend time

constructing your own home for the night.


- - - o o o - - -


The Crow Park Road continues on

around the back of the park and golf course

but then heads off towards "The Isthmus",

the area of the foreshore between the Boat Landings

and the marina where the River Derwent exits the lake.


The track loses its tarmac surface and in this weather is quite damp !

In the distance the recognisable peak of Catbells appears out of the mist.

" Temperate rain forest " . . . the scrub land further along is occasionally flooded when lake levels are high.

The track ends up at the lake shore . . . where we have a view across the short distance to Derwent Isle.

Also down here is Isthmus Cottage, set high up on the bank.

The house benefits from having a lovely balcony . . . which would be great for sitting out and viewing the lake on a nice day.

The view of Rowling End and Causey Pike from near the cottage.

Lingholm House is over there in the trees and they have a new Keswick Launch jetty which visitors can use.

A wider view looking up Derwent Water

taking in Walla Crag on the left, Castle Crag in the distance at the head of the lake, Catbells and Rowling End over on the right.

The Isthmus is the working boatyard of the Keswick Launch Company

and includes the winter storage of all the rowing boats that are normally ready and waiting for you at the Boat Landings.

It is also the hauling-out point for the lake ferries should they need to be maintained or repaired.

They use versatile canvas covers rather than a permanent shelter while they work on the boats.

I think this old motor boat has seen better days !

The footpath crosses Crow Park foreshore where we seem to have a clearer view down the lake to Castle Crag.

The weather must be improving.

The Boathouse sits alongside the empty boat landings, the home of the rowing boats during the season.

Around at the Landings, Harry takes the opportunity to cool down.

He and Dylan become the centre of attention for two young ladies from Malaysia Airlines

who are on a short visit to the Lake District to add to their knowledge of what's on offer in Britain.

It looks like our two are a bit of an attraction.

- - - o o o - - -

During our conversation they offered to send their photos . . .

Dear Mr Roger,

We are back in Singapore safely :o)

As promised, below is the photo(s) that we took that day!   Have a nice day !

Regards,  Li Min & Anges, the Singapore Girls.

A Great way to fly.


They had hired a car after they landed in Manchester yesterday

then drove to the Lake District.

John and I down at the Boat Landings . . . Dylan in the water.



Harry and Dylan enjoying the water.


Harry, wet to the top of his legs, emerges from the water.


Li Min's turn to stroke the dogs . . . Anges takes the picture.
Then they swap places so each has a photo with the dogs.



Li Min & Anges, I hope I've got your names the right way around.   I'm sorry the weather wasn't better for your visit.

Thanks for sending the pictures . . . Roger

The Boathouse self-catering accommodation seems to have taken a bit of a hammering, possibly in winter floods of 2015/6.

I pointed the camera through a side window,

damaged by the stormy weather.

Inside the contents have been cleared after the flood

when the water level of the lake rose

and damaged the property.


It is closed at the moment . . . but I don't know the full story.

Cumbria Cottages will give you the latest information.

New to the lake shore last year is the theatre's "Café by the Lake".

We walk past it on the way up towards town.

Hope Park looking neat and tidy in its winter coat.

A new wooden gazebo in the distance

complements the "crazy golf ".


To the right is the the normal putting green.


- - - o o o - - -



The area is overseen

by the largest red squirrel you ever did see.



- - - o o o - - -

John and I are off to find the ladies who have been partaking of a little retail therapy (spending money).

We pass a famous landmark along the way.

I wonder what they used to sell here ?
The Friars Chocolate shop window.

. . . do you think I could grow chocolates in the garden at home ?

We met up with Ann and Dee as planned . . . there was even time for a little extra therapy for me too.

Passing the Moot Hall on our way back to John and Dee's flat.
Back at the Golden Lion.

That's not where they live . . . but it is a good place to end the report of this extended Keswick walk.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with Ann's Panasonic Lumix TZ60 Camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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