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" A Blustery Ennerdale Lakeside Walk"

Date & start time:    Sunday 12th February 2017, 12.35pm start.  ( NY 085 153 )

Location of Start :   The Bleach Green car park, Ennerdale Bridge, Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited :         Bleach Green and around the northern shore for a while then return.

Walk details :            3 miles, negligible  feet of ascent,  1 hours 55 mins

Highest point :          The lakeside walk is, by definition, fairly flat !

Walked with :             Sherran and Bill, Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                    Very blustery and very cold with wave-top spray rather than rain in the air.

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On Sherran and Bill's second full day in the Lakes we decided to avoid the windswept tops once again but still wanted an interesting walk.

A drive round to Ennerdale Valley and a lakeside walk would do the trick.

How far we got rather depended on the speed we walked

and the weather conditions we found by the lakeside when we arrived there.

Morning in Loweswater.

The southerly view from the garden showing the heavy cloud cover and fresh snow on the high fells (Gable behind Haystacks)

However it is not raining and the sun is trying to break through so we could be in for a nice walk.

The water board track from the car park to the lake.

Bill checks his camera before setting off for the walk.

So nice to see United Utilities have left the place tidy . . . not !

The pipes have been left in place in order to top up the river should the water level really drop again next summer.

They are planning an underground supply system and will remove them once an alternative is in place.

However, it doesn't say why they've left yards and yards of scruffy, low level, green plastic fencing on the track up to here !

Out in the open, unprotected by the trees, the wind really starts to have an effect.

Sherran stops to wrap up warmly against the elements.

Looks lovely . . . then add the wind chill !

The strong easterly breeze is blowing straight down the lake from the cold looking snowy fells beyond.

An ornate gate and ford have been superceded by a wooden bridge.

Down on the foreshore itself and the wind has whipped up reasonably large waves on the lake.

A patch of sunlight lights up the tops of Great Borne, but more strikingly Starling Dodd over the back.

The sunshine and snow contrast strongly with the shade on Bowness Knott.

At the head of the lake are Pillar and Steeple.

Pillar is the large, rounded fell to the left, Steeple the tiny triangular summit on the greater mass of Scoat Fell.

Close up on Pillar Fell . . .

but the famous Pillar Rock Pinnacle fails to stand out separately from the main fell at this angle.

Another gate, another small stream and another chance to get close to the edge of the water.

Sherran adds a couple of shots courtesy of her mobile . . .
. . . while Ann uses her camera on this one of the waves.

On the lakeside path below How Hall Farm.

When they raised the lake they edged the fields, woodlands and this track with a dwarf wall for protection

Our local paper recently did us the honour of an article about the website and the money we raised for charity over the years.

I realised we didn't have a recent portrait of just the two of us so had to send them an archive photo.

Today Bill obliged with a nice photo of Ann and I . . . but I don't think the weather has done us any favours today.

Click here to see a copy of the article or here to the Times and Star itself.

Just a little further on from the bench we sat on is a larger clearing with a track down to it and the remains of a small jetty.

Since we were last here I've acquired a copy of a photo of the old Anglers Hotel that used to be alongside the lake.

It turns out that this was the spot where the old hotel stood.

(marked as AH on the map at the top of this page)

It was demolished at the time when the water board

was contemplating raising the lake level again.


However, the plans were not passed and the lake remain unchanged

but sadly the old building had already gone.

All that remains is a memorial seat and a rough fireplace where someone has vandalised the grass.

The  seat is dedicated to Henry and Winifred Oliver.
A stone plaque records a Rotary Club project in 1977

In Memory of

Henry and Winifred Oliver

Anglers Hotel


1945 to 1968

The Rotary Club of Egremont

Royal Silver Jubilee Project



The seat is dedicated to the Olivers

who presumably were the owners during that time.

A stone plaque records a Rotary Club project

to tidy up the area in 1977, some time after it had been demolished.


Continuing on our way Bill stops to record a few sightings of some water fowl.

He also managed a photo of a heron as it flew past in the strong breeze.

By the time I got my camera out it was long gone . . .

. . . but I did manage to catch a better shot when he did a second fly past.

Bowness Knott again with the stream known as Gill Beck as it makes its way across the fields to the lake.

Harry on the beach just beyond . . . he preferred the lower river crossing.

We decided to call a halt to our outward journey and crossed back over the bridge, this time with Harry in tow.

The wind is increasing slightly and the wave tops are being whisked up into the air at times.

With the stronger winds comes the occasional gap in the clouds and consequently occasional rays of sunshine.

The bright light on Bowness Knott has now moved down the lake and shines across Crag Fell.

It illuminated the gorse briefly and moved down to the foot of the lake.

The whole area is looking less oppressive as the light has improved and the dark clouds have moved further away.

A small patch of early crocus flowers . . .
. . . presumably a quiet memorial to a long lost fan of the valley.

Back at the site of the Anglers Hotel and the blue sky is really a feature now.

The sky is still dramatic though as high clouds are revealed above the dark rain clouds below.

Great Borne again as we make our way back.

Here the track runs alongside the lake . . .

. . . and occasionally we run the gauntlet with the breaking waves.

Well timed . . . in more than one way.

Nearly back . . . and we divert to look over the gate to the Scout Association campsite.

There are a few other permanent buildings out of sight in the woods . . .

 . . . and this appears to be an open air meeting place, a chapel even with the seating and stone table or altar at this end.

Significantly stronger winds greet us as we return to the foot of the lake.

The high fells are beginning to be hidden by rain or sleet once more.

We end the walk in the sunshine as we make our way back to the car park.

- - - o o o - - -

What shall we do now to warm ourselves up again ?

A quick drive down into the village and after the briefest of waits for a table

we find ourselves seated in the warm at The Gather . . . the community cafe and village meeting place in Ennerdale Bridge.

. . .where we enjoyed a delightful spicy tomato soup
. . . and a very colourful set of teapots for tea.

The egg timers are there to help get the brew time right . . . depending on standard, Earl Gray or herbal tea.

On the way home we spot our first 'New Year' lambs
in the fields at Lamplugh . . . doesn't time fly !

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Panasonic Lumix TZ60, or my Panasonic Lumix Gx8 Compact System Camera.

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This site best viewed with . . . the prospect of a warm cup of soup out of the wind somewhere.

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