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" Chasing the Sun up to the Lad Hows Holly Tree "

Date & start time:    Wednesday 4th January 2017, 2.30 pm start.

Location of Start :   The other Cinderdale car park, Crummock, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 163 193 )

Places visited :         Cinderdale and the paths to Lad Hows.

Walk details :             A local walk up the fellside - 1 mile and 600ft of ascent.

Highest point :          900ft above sea level, 600ft above the lake.

Walked with :             Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                    Sunshine and blue skies.  Cool at the end of the afternoon.

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Another busy day in paradise leaving a short afternoon for a walk. 

A trip to Buttermere was required to buy some free range eggs from the farm that has the chickens running all over the road

. . . and that walk was needed too.

At this time of year there's little afternoon sun in the top of the valley and by the time we got our act together, little on Rannerdale too,

so we parked at Cinderdale and chased the sunshine up to the holly tree, high on Lad Hows.

The sun is low in the sky and at half two it is starting to disappear behind Starling Dodd and Great Borne.

Cinderdale car park is already in shadow.

Not far above us is the line of sunshine . . . so we set off up Cinderdale Beck to see if we could catch it up.

Lad Hows is the central ridge / small peak that curves round out of sight on is upward ascent of Grasmoor.

The rocky pike on the right is Whiteless.

The suns rays are almost horizontal as they highlight the top of Rannerdale and the summit of Red Pike in the background.

The dogs stop at the first small waterfall . . .
. . . the last of the cascade of small falls that descend from the fell.

We can easily walk up into the sunshine, but if we stop for any length of time the shadows creep up and past us

and the colours change accordingly.

The bright winter browns of the dead bracken take on a grey look and the temperature drops a few degrees.

Looking across the larger cascade to Low Fell.
This 8ft waterfall is narrow and incised rather than open and flat.

The two old and twisted hawthorn trees have lost the sun now.

Looking down Cinderdale Beck.
The cascade continues, albeit with rather smaller steps.

Above us on the next crag up you can see a prominent holly tree,

a favourite of ours due to the lovely views it offers from the elevated crag on which it stands.

Looming to the north west, our third lake of Loweswater, can be seen from the viewpoint.

Slightly more to the north . . . Dylan and Harry appear.

They seem to enjoy sitting for a photo . . . especially if the view is good . . . or there's treats on offer afterwards.

The classic view down the 600 feet to the lake below.

Walking in the sunshine on the other side of Crummock shoreline is only possible early morning at this time of year.

Looking across the fells of Buttermere Valley.

The close fellside is Lad Hows, then Rannerdale's Low Bank, Haystacks then Green and Great Gable

Looking carefully beyond you can see Great End through Windy Gap and the Scafells across Beck Head to the right of Gable.

Ann enjoys the last of the sunshine . . .

. . . before even that goes and a chill descends on the fellside.

On the way down now . . . leaving the holly above us.

Dylan really takes enjoyment out of climbing every little rock outcrop.

One word of encouragement and he's there in exactly the right place for a photo . . . what a poser !

Passing the mountain ash tree that was in the sunshine on the way up.

Now time to go and buy those eggs . . . did we remember to bring the old egg boxes ?

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