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" Walking North for a Christmas Lunch"

Date & start time:    Thursday 15th December 2016,  10.50 am start.

Location of Start :   The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited :         Manesty, Brandlehow Point, Hawes End and over to Lingholm.

Walk details :             3.9 miles, 4 hours including lunch at Lingholm.

Highest point :          Level walking by the lake . . . so the high point has to be lunch.

Walked with :             Trevor and Gill, Ann and our dogs, Finlay, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                    Mild and rather grey.  Overcast with low cloud down on the fells.

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Not really a Christmas Lunch . . . more like a lunch at Christmas time

as we probably won't meet up with Trevor and Gill between now and next Sunday, Christmas Day.

- - - o o o - - -

Often our pre-arranged joint walks often turn out to be wet but not this one,

as we walk the lakeshore path north to Lingholm.

A "setting the scene" picture to start as today is a linear walk with two cars, ours and Trevor and Gill's.

We met up with Gill at the new car park of the Lingholm Gardens and having transferred dogs and gear into her car

we drove along the Catbells terrace road back to Grange . . . to start our walk along the lakeside path below us in this photo.

Two retrievers but not Harry and Dylan !

Today we're making it up to Finlay of Borrowdale for not taking him on our Castle Crag walk back in November.

He and Dylan are great mates and go berserk every time they meet . . . Finlay is just a few months older and just as mad.

The "old man" Harry is with us today of course as we meet up with Trevor in Grange.

Technically our walk started where the lakeshore Allerdale Ramble leaves the Grange road near the Borrowdale Gates Hotel.

Castle Crag and the high fells show the weather today . . . I think it is described as "mild"

In practice it is warm day for the time of year but it feels damp, and although the cloud is down there's no sign of rain thankfully .

Through the gate and we join the lakeside path at the end of the boardwalk.

We'll turn left here and apart from one more very short stretch of elevated walkway it is normal paths from now on.

Retrievers will be retrievers . . . and the water is like a magnet to all three of them.

The walk is a series of bays and headlands as we head up the lakeshore path.

The first promontory has a quiet seat where you can sit and peer down the lake to the equivalent seat on Friar's Crag at the far end.

Well it was quiet for a moment or two until our two golden hounds arrive.

Still they also know how to stand quietly and let others appreciate the view . . . despite its grey appearance today.

The view across the water is to Falcon Crag and Walla Crag with Skiddaw lost in the mists at the foot of the lake.

Round the bend and we have our first  low level view of the house on Brandelhow Point.

The slight breeze ruffles the water but not the ducks . . . colourful mallard males and brown females.

Closer . . . by virtue of a lens change.

Two more join the 'raft of ducks'.
In the bay now and the ducks have headed out beyond the fence.

They have been joined by a small group of canada geese.

We kept an eye out for otters near Otter Island . . . but no luck today.

The path avoids Brandelhow headland (as you would expect) and we walk through the woodland to the bay beyond.


At the back of the bay is a house and garage

and the path makes its way between them.

- - - o o o - - -

In the widow of the garage is a bag of teddies

and a Christmas message to passers-by.


It seems the teddies have a bit of a fan club

and several letters and postcards sent to them

are on display in the garage window.


Full marks to the postman for the correct delivery of the letters,

this one all the way from Greece for a mere 0.90 euros.

This next headland looks like an old mine spoil heap from an old lead mine on the side of Catbells behind us.

Ahead is the Brandelhow boat landing stage for the Keswick Launches which ply the lake.

A last look back at a rather fine house . . . not envious, no, not me, not much !

The lakeside path continues on through the trees.

The complete lakeside path from Keswick back round to Keswick is about 10 miles when walked in full.

A classic wooden sculpture

created and installed to mark the centenary

of the acquisition of this part of the Lakes

for the National Trust.


This area (108 acres of pasture and woodland at the bottom of Catbells)

was the first tract of land bought by the National Trust,

back in 1904 to prevent a large housing development.


The sculpture was originally designed to hold

a set of large wooden acorns

but nowadays makes an idea spot to photograph

people or their companions.

It takes a brief but complex bit of organisation to get all three dogs to sit in the same place at the same time . . .

and impossible today to get them to all look at the camera together !





We noticed a recent photograph of the pair of hands near Derwent Water and we thought that you may be interested in the attached:

Image 1 - the acorns waiting completion by John Merrill together with smaller hands that he was using as a guide.

Imgage 2- the hands complete with acorns

Image 3- One year later in 2002

Age is taking its toll and we can no longer walk the fells as in years gone by but we can still manage an annual week in Grasmere. Our son has been converted to be a lakes lover and now acts as transport.

Seasons greeting to all including your four legged friends,
Gordon and Delia

Many thanks for the photos. Best Wishes to you both as well. . . RmH


The Old Brandelhow Jetty is no longer in use.
Just thought it looked a nice tree across the water.


The wider view of the final stretch of lake-side walking.

Half way round the photo is the Hawes End Jetty . . . but the woodland section in the distance is private once more.

- - - o o o - - -

Loweswatercam competition of the week . . . no prizes !

Spot the sheep . . .
and spot the difference . . . they are different ones.

The roots of this old pine have been undermined by waves and high water but it survives well despite the odds.

Hawes End jetty . . . the stopping off point for Catbells.

A fine swan cruises the waters . . .
. . . my attempts at being artistic.

Other just want to play !

- - - - o o o - - -

The path now heads inland as it skirts the Derwent Bay House and grounds.

Through the rhododendrons . . .

. . . and across the damp pastures.

We look back on the Catbells climb.

The summit is the second peak not the first.


The dogs seem confused

as to which way we are to go now.


- - - o o o - - -


Harry was right 

as we head on through the woods,

making tracks for lunch at Lingholm.


- - - o o o - - -


Finlay leads the way on this one

Always lovely to see a collection of Alpaca

and there are a small herd here at Lingholm today.

[ Is that the relevant collective noun or should it be 'a pack-a alpacas' ]


They have such expressive faces

and are a delight to photograph close up.

It is almost as if they enjoy having their picture taken.

" Make sure you take my best side "

It is lunchtime and we arrive at Lingholm garden on schedule.

A new bridge gives access to the grounds . . .
. . . and to the rebuilt walled gardens.

Only opened to the public at the end of the summer.   Note the capstones with the name and date on them.

It's Christmas and they have Christmas trees for sale.

The famous octagonal walled gardens . . . we will visit them shortly.

Our priority is lunch which came highly recommended by friends.

The gardens have a brand new tea rooms and the owners have created a wonderful visitor attraction.

Lunch (the Angler's Platter) was so spectacular I forgot to take a photo when the plate was full

so you'll have to imagine what it would have been like five minutes ago when it arrived.

A pot of tea for two was served with real milk

in an old fashioned school-style milk bottle


Trevor and Gill had a large latte coffee

which was equally good.


Such a lovely lunch that we didn't feel the need

to ask them to cut the cake

. . . but those tiffin on the right looked (and tasted) rather nice !

- - - o o o - - -

The tea rooms look down on the newly rebuilt walled gardens.

A frequent visitor to Lingholm in the 1880's and 90's was Beatrix Potter and she knew the old walled gardens well.

She credited the Lingholm Kitchen Garden as her original inspiration for Mr McGregor’s garden in her famous children's books.

Information boards in the garden lay testament to the frequent visits she made and the inspirations she gained from her summers at Lingholm.

Click on either photo to read from a larger picture . . . backspace to return.

Perhaps if I had a staff of gardeners my garden could look like this ?

All good things come to an end and it is time to make our way back to the car and return to Grange.

- - - - o o o - - -

Just time to chill out and rest while the grown ups indulge themselves in an extra cup of tea

and a small slice of Borrowdale Tea Cake made by Trevor yesterday . . . equally delicious !

- - - o o o - - -

Hi Ann and Roger
A familiar part of the Lakes for us as we have completed the full circuit of Derwentwater.
Loved the picture of the dogs in the hand sculpture.
We like a good tea room so a visit to Lingholm is now on our to do list.
Seasons greetings to you all and let's hope for a happy and healthy 2017.

Clive and Julie


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