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" Cinderdale with Jill and Nigel "

Date & start time:    Monday 25th September 2017, 3.40 pm.

Location of Start :   Cinderdale car park, Crummock Water, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 162 194 )

Places visited :         Cinderdale, High Wood, Lanthwaite Wood, the fish ladder and home.

Walk details :             2.2 miles, negligible feet of ascent, 2 hours 10 mins.

Highest point :          Standing on the bridge over the fish ladders . . . a whole 6 feet up.

Walked with :             Jill and Nigel, Ann and the dogs, Ziggy, Harry and Dylan.

Weather :                    Overcast and humid, warm but misty.

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Jill and Nigel are up in the Lakes and drive over to spend the afternoon and evening with us.

First we needed a walk they haven't done before that still offers variety along the way.

Their young dog Ziggy has just re-met his two friends Harry and Dylan.

We also need a walk that's suitable for our old timer Harry in order that all three can spend time together.

The weather is misty and good long distance views are few and far between

so the answer today was a linear walk from Cinderdale to home.

From the car park we head across the road and take the steps down to the water's side.

Across the way is the broad side of Mellbreak looming out of the mist.

Way ahead is Low Fell and we'll walk the two miles to the bottom of the lake and on to our cottage.

The path crosses the gravel beach at this point . . . the width of the path depends on the lake levels . . . today it is pretty normal.

- - - o o o - - -


It is a misty and humid sort of day.


At first sight it was not a great day for a walk

but occasionally poorer weather

does bring its advantages,

the sun breaking through

and reflecting off the lake being one of them.


The movement of the clouds across the mountains

turns out to be another.


- - - o o o - - -

A flotation of mallard swim out from the shore as we pass.

We change scenery from mixed woodland and lakeside to open fields with sheep on one side and bracken on the other.

Mellbreak is ever present on the other side . . . it changes appearance depending on the mists and the level of reflection in the still waters.

A dead log resting in the shallows defines "Shark Bay".

We were walking through High Wood which is coniferous, almost Scottish in appearance, but drop down to the lake shore once again.

A second floating log looks a crocodile or perhaps an otter with a bow wave behind him

Hold your cursor over the photo to see what I mean.

Dylan contemplates rushing out to collect the log . . . but changes his mind.

There are plenty more sticks to play with closer at hand.

Ann's "Dragon Bay" . . . there used to be a tree stump here too but it floated away in the floods.

Still, it's a nice place to stop and enjoy the view up the lake towards the High Stile Ridge.


Still waters reflect a small tree growing out in the lake.



I photographed a log in the woods because of the two large fungi on it,

but as we're into animals . . . then look out for the large snail !


Down at the boathouse and the weather seems to be improving as the afternoon progresses.

More stick-play and chance for us to chat to other visitors to the lake.

Ziggy . . . a curly-haired cockapoo.

The path from the boat house climbs slightly and we are passing different vegetation again.

We're back into mixed woodland, gorse and heather.

The noise of splashing from below us attracts us to a clearing on the path.

There's a group of open water swimmers enjoying the water this afternoon.

Down at the beach at the bottom of the lake one of them comes ashore.

The water temperature is about 12 degrees apparently.

The sluice and fish ladders at the foot of the lake.

Sorry Harry, we're not going that way today . . . we'll follow the river down.

The water is flowing about six inches deep over the weir . . . always interesting in close up.

On the lakeside wall Dylan adopts a serious pose.

After much fun and games, suggestions, commands and finally treats . . . we manage to get Ziggy up there too.

Chance to get muddy . . . the water level is up and there's no dry sand here today.

Across the fields is the misty bulk of Black Crag on the climb up towards Gavel and Blake Fell.

But wait a minute . . . what's closer at hand in the fields ?

Zooming in we spot two Roe deer.
They stand no more that three or four feet high.

Despite being protected by the river they are spooked by a dog whistle and are off.

- - - o o o - - -

We follow the damp riverside path down and reach Scale Hill bridge.

On the road walk back we pass Grasmoor House which is receiving a make-over.

It has the potential of a pop concert venue but is just a cover to protect the inside of the building while they re-roof the main house.

Ziggy meets one of Sue's horses in the field opposite . . . I don't think he's met one that big before.

- - - o o o - - -

Home and time to relax . . . After their tea Ziggy wants to follow the lead of the others in indulging in a bit of shut-eye.

I would like to sleep with them . . . shall I ask ?
. . . or shall I settle over here ?

That's better . . . companionship and warmth is the order of the day.

Now . . . what's on the menu for supper for us ?

- - - o o o - - -

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