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" A Visit to Wass and a Local Walk"

Date & start time: Saturday  2nd April 2016.

Location : Stanbrook Abbey, Wass, Yorkshire ( SE 556 804 ) and Tickhill.

Places visited : The grounds, the Convent and Church at Stanbrook Abbey.


Date & start time: Sunday 3rd April 2016.

Sunday Walk details :    1.6 mls,  negligible feet of ascent,  1 hour  10 mins.

Highest point : The bridge over the motorway.

Walked with : Tom, Abi and the dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Rain Saturday, sunshine the following day.

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While Jenna and I took Tom, Abi and the dogs to Clumber Park,

Ann and Paula ventured north to Wass in North Yorkshire to visit their friend and Ann's ex-teaching colleague Lorna,

known as Sister Laurentia within her Benedictine community.  She was Paula's favourite geography teacher from her school days.

Today's purpose was to celebrate her 25th Jubilee Anniversary at Stanbrook Abbey.

Unfortunately the weather this far north of Tickhill failed to clear, so the views were limited by the cloud and rain.

Stanbrook Abbey is a contemplative house for Benedictine nuns. The Abbey re-located from Worcestershire

to Wass in the North York Moors National Park in 2002.

Rather wet outside but a warm welcome inside for ourselves and other guests from the Community.

The sheltered area outside the Refectory

Three good friends meet up again. Dame Laurentia with Paula and myself.


The whole abbey complex is brand new,

the first purpose built convent in England for almost two centuries.


The Church itself was built in September 2015

and now is virtually completed.

(note: the wrapped statue alongside the doorway)


The interior where the celebratory Mass took place today.

Polished Purbeck limestone from Dorset adorn the floors and the choir stalls are of sycamore wood.

Altar, ambo and baptismal water plinth, made by Brazilian artist Claudio Pastro, are made of York stone.

The luminous blue baptismal water bowl was made by the famous glass artist, Katya Filmus from Tel Aviv.

The crucifix was painted by Dame Werberg Welch in the 1930's.

It was recently restored by David Everingham, a local artist.

This Baptismal painting

hangs in the entrance to the Church.

After the Mass we were treated to a delicious buffet in the Refectory, followed by a chat over coffee.

It may still be raining outside, but there was plenty of warmth and joy inside.

Time to leave for Paula's home in Yorkshire after a lovely day with Lorna and her Benedictine community.

Congratulations on the occasion of your 25th Jubilee Lorna.

Many thanks for the invite and we shall see you again soon.

- - - o o o - - -

On Sunday the poor weather had cleared away and the sun had come out.

We had to travel home today but not before we had walked the dogs and enjoyed some lunch.

To make us feel at home they had named many of the streets after Cumbrian Valleys !

Paula's house is a short distance from the open country of South Yorkshire

so after a short urban walk it was across the A1 motorway and out onto the farm fields.

It's a dogs eye view of the old road ahead.

Dylan full of bounce as we walked over the bridge and down the road.

I thought we only brought two dogs ?
Four paws across the field . . . following Tom and Abi.

Early catkins on the hazel tree heralds the arrival of warmer weather.

The field has been ploughed but not yet seeded.

Abi remembered that she had wellies on . . . so took full advantage.

Harry's amazed as he doesn't need to bother with such subtleties.

Ahh . . . the art of the photographer.


Time for a reflective photo across the wide expanse of water.


Tickhill style.



Hold your cursor over the picture

to see the reflective view.

A short walk around a large field and we were heading back to the roadway.

Dylan wondering what I had done with Harry . . . he's hidden by the hedge behind but he's on his way.

Tom shows Abi how to get the lorries to sound their sirens.

He held his arm up in the air and pulled an imaginary air horn and sometimes the lorries would answer back.

[ If you are passing under a bridge and a lorry sounds his air horn (and there were people on the bridge) now you know why ! ]

Mini-excitement over as we return through the estate towards home.

Spring has definitely sprung . . . Grape Hyacinths (Muscari armeniacum) adds a lovely touch of blue.

Mine have only now just flowered in Loweswater.

- - - o o o - - -


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