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" Tickhill Weekend - Clumber Park "

Date & start time: Saturday 2nd April 2016.

Location of Start : The Visitor Centre, Clumber Park, Nr Worksop, Uk ( SK 626 745 )

Places visited : The park and lake passing Hardwick Village on the way.

Walk details :   3.9 mls, negligible feet of ascent,  2 hours including tea.

Highest point : The scenery

Walked with : Jenna, Tom and Abi and the dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Warm with sunshine and high, fine weather clouds.

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A weekend with our daughter and family at Tickhill in South Yorkshire. 

Something for everyone this weekend as four of us go south to Clumber Park

whilst Ann and Paula go north to Wass to see her friend Lorna (more of that to follow).

First the day out in Clumber Park with "Auntie Jenna".

The country park, some twelve miles south of Tickhill, is owned and managed by the National Trust

It is open to everyone and members are offered free car parking and free entry . . . bonus !

Welcome to Clumber Park and the Visitor Centre . . .
 . . . amongst the outbuildings of the old house.

There are a fair number of folk about today (it's Saturday after all) as we wander down past the cafe.

There's a fair number of wild birds about too !
Swans, greylag geese and here Canada geese.

The old house was demolished in 1938 but was never re-built following the war.

The stables and various secondary outbuildings and cricket pitch survive as do the Pleasure Gardens and Walled Gardens.

We opt for an anti-clockwise walk around the lake.

Soon after the start we came across a tree with

a really curled-down branch.

In previous years there used to be steps in the form of logs

and tree trunks to enable visitors to climb up.


The seat is about five feet in the air so help up is needed nowadays.

Photographic evidence exists but not shown here !

After leaving the main centre the path enters the wood

and it is a while before we get anything like a clear view of the water again.

At the top weir, near the south western end of the lake, there is a stone built grotto.

Originally it was a retreat for family and friends to visit, maybe have tea or shelter from an occasional rain shower.

" A notice explains that a treble ram vertical pump was installed here in 1931, powered by an existing turbine,

and turned by the metre difference in the lake level created by an artificial weir close by.

The machinery can still be used in times of power failure."   Courtesy Derek Harper

It was capable of supplying water to the whole of the Estate and apparently it is still in working order .

We cross the ornamental bridge over the top part of the lake.

Jenna, Tom and Abi look over the parapet.


Behind them a fine heron flies out across the lake


- - - o o o - - -

We cross the bridge over the upper lake.

Two lovely swans glide over to check us out . . .

. . . but the mallard ducks take to the water, as we were passing 'too close for comfort' for them.

Abi stands on the start of the weir . . .
. . . where a lovely clear cascade tumbled into the main lake.
" Photo shoot time "
Tom poses with this "Renée Zellweger" look alike sister !

Our path took us round the lake despite the route being totally missing from the Clumber brochure of suggested walks.

Presumably it was already so popular that it didn't need advertising.  The view back across the lake was really nice.

Click here or on the photo above for a larger version of this Loweswatercam panorama

On this side of the lake is the facade of a classic Greek Temple building,

presumably in view from where the old house had originally been sited.

Looking across the lake to the Church again, from further along the track.

We enjoyed the company of even more swans as we walked the lakeside path.

The lake was created by the damming of the local River Poulter with this long embankment.

Beyond it the river continues on through a reed marsh.

The buildings of Hardwick village can be seen on the other side.

The weir and river.

( We pass on refreshments as the converted Land Rover was only selling teas and snacks . . . an ice cream wouldn't have gone amiss though !)

A healthy population of water birds gather close to the picnic area,

no doubt attracted by the availability of bread and other snacks on offer from the human visitors.

A brief road section crosses the causeway on the northern arm of the lake.

The waters on the upper side are a lot greener, presumably due to less fresh water flowing out.

Tufted Duck . . . so called because of the tuft of feathers on the back of his head.

The lake is home to a male Mallard this afternoon.

Alongside him a female companion.

We turn the corner again

on the last leg of our round-the-lake walk.



Lovely old trees in the woodland

this one with an old carving 'VR'

presumably in celebration of Queen Victoria.

A fallen tree in the lake is a useful vantage point for this large Cormorant

Back towards the Visitor Centre

through the Pleasure Gardens,

the more formal lawned area

fronting the lake.



Another large Swan next to Tom's stone-built lakeside seat.

On the home straight now, past the Church of St Mary's . . .
. . . looking better with that extra bit of sunshine.

The path look us directly back to the cafe . . . very conveniently it must be said !

The children's play area was also conveniently placed between the cafe and the car.

Well, kids will be kids . . .

Wobbling the wobble boards . . .
spinning in the spinning bowl . . .
 or playing the four note xylophone

One last go on the basket swing . . . and it's time to go home !

- - - o o o - - -


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