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"   Waterend and Askill Knott  "

Date & start time: Tuesday  23rd February 2016, 2 pm start. ( NY 118 225 )

Location of Start : The sliver & glass ex-phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : Waterend (Swallow) Barn, Mosser Track, Askill Knott, Myresyke and back.

Walk details : 2 mls, 500 feet of ascent, 1 hour 15 mins.

Highest point : Askill Knott (overlooking Loweswater) 923 ft - 284m

Walked with : Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Beautiful summer sunshine with just the occasional shadow.

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It's a beautiful day in the valley and after all the jobs have been done there's still the one that involves walking the dogs. 

Rainy trips to the lake take a back seat as we are offered the chance of a sunny climb to a local high spot, starting at the other phone box.

First however we'll appreciate the beauty closer to home . . . in the garden in fact.

Storm - whatever was the latest - has passed, the isobars have broadened, the cold front wiggled south

and we have beautiful sunshine and cooler weather . . . this is what winter should be like.

The snowdrops are now really starting to bloom well despite an overnight sprinkling of snow.

Some are ahead of others but these are doing really well despite the bed being dug over and re-planted late last year.

We seem to have a stray crocus in there too !

The garden centre assured me that the yellow and red Erysimum (Winter Party) plant

would withstand the Cumbrian weather . . . time will tell.

We have a visitor

and a welcome one at that.



We have been getting a visit from our local red squirrel

most days this week.



Some times we see him (her ?)

and sometimes his visits have just been marked

by a reduction of cob nuts in the box

and empty shells on the ground.

With the sunshine behind him the colour and texture of his bushy tail is really enhanced.

- - - o o o - - -

Time for an after lunch walk . . .

No not a garden picture out of sequence . . . the snowdrops are out down the other end of Loweswater too.

We parked by the old phone box and walked the short distance down to Waterend Farm.

Waterend has converted one of its buildings into a camping barn, known locally as Swallow Barn

Camping without the need for a tent . . . for friends and family groups.

The track we need leads up onto the fellside through the farmyard.

Off to the right is Askill Knott and its higher neighbour, Darling Fell.

Through the gaps in the trees we can see down the Loweswater Valley to Mellbreak 

and behind it the backdrop of Red Pike and the High Stile Ridge.

Behind us as we climb is Burnbank Fell, one of the three Wainwright Loweswater Fells.

Our one big shadow of the day has moved away and we're back into lovely sunshine.

The wind has dropped and we are overdressed for the conditions . . . the dogs don't seem to worry about these sort of considerations.

Looking north over Graythwaite Farm to the Solway Plain and distant Dumfries and Galloway . . . Scotland.

The top of Askill Knott has a few rocky crags which add foreground to this view of the lake.

The wider panorama from Fleetwith Pike and Great Gable, Pillar, Great Borne

and round to Carling Knott and Burnbank Fell seen here alongside Loweswater.

The old Scots Pines on the Mosser Road . . .
. . . signals the time to drop down to the gate.

The classic Hollywood view of Loweswater from the Mosser Track.

Round the corner then double back on the bridleway . . . down past Askill Farm.

This old harvester (cutter) has seen better days but still makes a good foreground.

A fresh bale of hay awaits the return of the sheep . . . they all ran away as I stood next to the fence for the photo.

[ Motto:   Never work with children and animals ! ]

[ Second motto . . . be a bit more subtle when setting up your shot ! ]

The ruins of Spout House Farm on the bend in the Askill / Miresyke farm track.

The last person to live there was a Mr William Wilkinson around 1851.

Spout House was believed to be an old Inn called the Lamb and Ewe, though my source for this (and the photo),

Sheila Richardson in the "Tales of Loweswater" book, says little is known of the old building.

Two lower buildings of the farm . . . I'm not sure which was in fact the main house.

One final shot of Miresyke as we walk down to tarmac lane back to the phone box on the main road.

A lovely hour or so's round walk on a beautiful day.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, or my Canon 1100D Digital SLR.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . sunny weather to dry out the ground.

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