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" Pin Mill and a Holbrook Walk "

Date & start time: Sunday  9th August 2015, 11 am start. ( TM 177 350 )

Location of Start : The Lower Holbrook car park, Shotley Peninsular opposite Harwich, Uk.

Places visited : Pin Mill early morning, Holbrook foreshore late morning.

Walk details :   2.75 mls, 1.5 hours on the coastal walk.

Highest point : The weather . . . everything else is more or less flat.

Walked with : Cathy, Richard, Sam, Alexander, Ann and our dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Sunshine and blue skies, very warm.

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Another sunny morning on the east coast of the UK.

To be fair, lots of the country is getting good weather today but it is always nicer when you have it too.

After a early morning walk around the village at high tide we gather the family and drive a short distance

to walk the foreshore path below Holbrook Village where  two of our grandsons (and previously their father)

went to school and where Sam still has two years left to complete his studies.

- - - o o o o - - -

The Butt and Oyster seen across the high water of Pin Mill inlet.

Almost afloat . . . difficult to tell when they are moored up fore and aft.

Lovely reflections disturbed by the lightest of breezes.
An old work boat, more of a floating pontoon.

" Standing room for one only "

Sign of a hidden obstruction under the water . . .
. . . more cheerful with sunshine on the face.

Out on the boatyard / sailing club pontoon.

This is a floating structure now and Harry is unsure of the movement so stays behind.

The high walkway allows owners to step straight onto the barges whether the tide is in or out.

The sailing club and houses of the village looking resplendent in the sunshine.

The masts are from the boats which are being stored or worked on in King's Boatyard behind their back gardens.

A flotilla of five . . . shell ducks and boats alike.

An eight o'clock start from Wolverston Marina sees this rather nice sail cruiser

making early morning passage down the River Orwell towards the sea.

After breakfast it was decided to have a morning walk before the sun got too hot.

A smart information board at the entrance to the small but practical Lower Holbrook car park.

A short walk down the track to the edge of the sea.
On our right a large area of reed bed.

On a previous visit we have seen this being cut for thatching . . . but not today.

The tide was in early morning so it is out late morning . . . the tide is a bit like that . . . as you probably know.

We're down at the inlet where the Holbrook river enters the River Stour.

Sailing from here is definitely tidal but Richard points out four or five school boats moored up.

The school still sails from here but the water sports centre on the local Alton Water behind the school

now gives access to all-day dinghy sailing which is easier (and cleaner).

Sam on the small jetty.
Alexander too . . . mind the muddy planks.
Ann sits in the shade with Alexander . . .
. . . but the old tyre provides a distraction too.

Time to leave the inlet and we start out on the walk along the foreshore.

The dogs will just have to stay muddy for a while.

How come the swans can stay clean and our dogs can't ?

What looks like bar tailed godwits . . . with their long beaks for feeding in the mud.

Poppies on the edge of a field of stubble.

The calm airs allow a crisp photo of the flowers.

We walk out on the embankments, presumably sea defences to stop the salt water encroaching on the land.

Looking back slightly we can see the tops of the distant buildings of Harwich on the far coastline.

Closer at hand . . . the clock Tower on the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook.

A rather nice house . . . Sutton House or one in the grounds of the mansion of that name . . . the map isn't clear.

The footpath joins the track from Sutton that will take us back to the Holbrook Stream.

The School has a cricket match on today . . . they take their sport seriously here.

" A cut away on the off-side for two runs "

A second team is playing on an adjacent pitch.

- - - o o o - - -

Back Home . . . we are re-united with the new puppy who is still too young to go out for walks,

prior to completing his 12 week immunisations.

Bilbo is a Welsh Springer and a new addition to their family.

He is full of beans and is bolder than his young age would suggest.

He even played ruff-and-tumble with Dylan and Boris . . . Harry is happy to stand back and let them get on with it.

Later on Jack relaxes out in the garden . . .

but Harry has spotted something !


- - - o o o - - -


Hidden in the undergrowth

lurks a super-soaker

in the hands of a ruthless operator.


- - - o o o - - -


Time to keep clear !

I think all the fun is over and it is safe to venture out into the garden once more for a  few minutes to read a book !

- - - o o o - - -


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