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" The George Fisher's Summer Outing 2015 "

Date & start time: Sunday 19th July 2015, 5.30 pm start.

Location of Start : The Glaramara Outdoor Centre, Borrowdale, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 249 140 )

Places visited : The Reception, the Archery field, the Bar, the Dining Room . . . etc.

Walk details :   Nothing too strenuous after a day at work !

Highest point : The archery and the food . . . and the people weren't bad either ;o)

With : Ann and my colleagues and many of their partners.

Weather : A lovely Borrowdale evening, sunshine in a glorious mountain setting.


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George Fisher's in Keswick is a great place to work

and as with all nice work-places it is always good to meet colleagues on a social basis away from "the office" for a change.

Christmas is one opportunity . . . the "Summer Outing" is another.

- - - o o o - - -


This evening one of the members of staff,

Julie, organised an evening of Archery

followed by a delightful meal

at a local Outdoor Centre

in Seatoller in the Borrowdale Valley

here in Cumbria.


- - - o o o - - -

We gathered at The Glaramara Centre, a residential outdoor pursuits centre in Borrowdale.

Most arrived by car . . .

Some who were more fit or didn't have so far to return home

chose alternative forms of transport

for the short journey up from Keswick.

Martin meet Peter . . . Peter meet Martin.

One of the newest members of staff meets one of the older ones (Peter retired just last year).

The evening started out on the field where the archery equipment had been set up ready for our visit.

Graham our instructor, explained the basics about how to hold and fire the bow.

Time to put theory into practice . . .
. . . five arrows each then give someone else a turn.

Monika takes aim at the target . . . pull any harder and it'll land at her old place of work.

Jane confident of a reasonable score . . . three arrows down, two to go.

Caroline takes a stance that implies she has done this before,

or maybe she was just paying attention to what Graham was saying earlier ?

Ai receives a few clues for her first go.
Patti's takes a turn at the target.

Arrows fired, first practice round complete . . . from now on it is time to count the scores.

Ten for a bull's eye (the yellow centre) down to two for an arrow in the outer white section.

Dan takes an early lead with several fine arrows.
Anne shows that not only the guys can do it in style.

Graham stands back now and keeps score.

With lovely sunshine and clear visibility the mountains around the head of Borrowdale provide a brilliant setting for our evening of sport.

Mike seems to be getting closer for a better score . . .
. . . but it was only a trick of the telephoto lens.
Audrey, his colleague in the Abraham's Cafe, steps up to the mark.
The arrow flies toward the second target . . . as planned.

For those waiting turns and for those just here for the crack, it has been a great evening.

After everyone had completed their turns the results were announced . . . sorry modesty prevents me from announcing the final winner !!

A photograph that just had to be taken.

Our new chef Ai . . . and our "old hand" Ei . . . remembering names isn't difficult . . . just remember to get the spelling right.

Helena checks the time (or is she pushing away a rogue midge?) and so we all adjourn to the main building for dinner.

The building has undergone modernisation work in recent years and is now very modern and up-to-date inside.

- - - o o o - - -

We move to the dining room where the meal is served.

This end of the table are Chris and John, Sean and Shirley.

We were about 34 in the party (I didn't really count).  The other folk in the background were residents staying at the centre.

Top table . . . or was this the bottom table . . . being furthest from the window.

Whatever . . . meet Tom and Helena, Andy and John's wife Judith.

The second table included Anne, Norman and Paul, with Richard, Mike and Ai on the right.

Our table was Patti, Rose, Chris, Christine, Liz and Monica . . . Behind me were Peter, Martin and Ann.

Starters have been served so I won't ask everyone to look at the camera.

Patti ordered a special omlette . . . the food for special people . . . don't forget to eat your greens too.

Peter D . . . man of the hills . . . tucks into his main course.

As the meal drew to a close Helena stood to give a short speech.

The purpose of the evening was not just a summer outing, it seems it also was a celebration of two long service awards.

Julie joined George Fishers in 1990  . . .

. . . and Andy must have joined about the same time.

Being the Boss it fell to him to say a few words . . . about the staff (all good),

about the company and sales (all good) and about his photo-book present (that was good too).

Sounds like it's been a good year !

Julie opens her gift . . .

. . . full of photos taken over the last 25 years.

- - - o o o - - -

A big " Thank You" to all those who were involved in tonight's celebration, especially Julie who coordinated with Glaramara

in respect of the meal and archery . . . often a difficult role with so many people to include.

Just creeping into this photo you might recognise Ann too . . .

She and I were sitting next to each other so this meant that she missed out on being in many of the later photos.

Time to be heading home.

Most folk headed back down the valley towards Keswick . . .

Ann and I headed up and over Honister Pass to our home in Loweswater.

One last photo of Buttermere . . . driving home at the end of a lovely evening.

- - - o o o - - -

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Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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