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" An Askill Knott Round "

Date & start time: Wednesday  21st January 2015, 2.30 pm start.

Location of Start : The silver and glass phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 118 225 )

Places visited : Waterend (Swallow) Barn, Mosser Track, Askill Knott, Myresyke and back.

Walk details :   2 mls, 500 feet of ascent, 1 hour.

Highest point : Askill Knott (overlooking Loweswater)  923 ft - 284m

Walked with : Myself and the dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Winter sunshine once I was out of the shadows

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An hour to spare today and a decision to take as to where to walk . . .

The snow yesterday was lovely but Honister was closed due to ice on the road and it would take too long to get there anyway.

The shadows from the low winter sun cast long shadows over the Loweswater lake but the the slopes above the Mosser Track were sunny and warm.

Time for a quick drive and a slow but enjoyable walk.

Parking was by the silver and glass (colour not actual) phone box at Loweswater, not the red one.

A short walk along the road and I can turn into the farmyard of Waterend Farm.

The  track I need climbs from here up to the old road.

The owners have converted Swallow Barn and the old byre into simple accommodation for those happy with more basic facilities.

For Camping Barns think camping without the need to carry a tent or sleeping mat.   It sleeps up to eighteen people in four bedrooms.


- - - o o o - - -


Looking back at the barn as I start up the lane.


- - - o o o - - -


Here the stream that flows down the side of this lane


and on towards the lake through the ground of Grange Hotel


has been culverted with some lovely old slate slabs.


- - - o o o - - -

As I climb the track the views of the high fells start to open out once more.

To the left, the private house of Graythwaite beyond the trees.

To the right a rather nice Scots Pine and the slopes of Darling Fell.

Looking across to the dark, heather covered slope of Mellbreak and on towards Red Pike and High Stile

with their summits in the fine weather cloud hanging around at the top of Buttermere Valley.

Darling Fell on the left, Askill Knott on the right.

The line of fence posts marks the old Mosser road (unsuitable for motors) which crosses from Loweswater to Mosser.

Mellbreak may have been in the shadow but snowy Hen Comb stands out in the lovely afternoon sun.

The long Mosser Road below me now as I spiral up the Knott.

This is the view looking north to the head of the shallow valley and onward over the Solway Plain.

I defer gratification a minute or two longer as I curl around the front of the outcrop

to enjoy the view down over the lake and to appreciate the warm sunshine directly hitting the front of the fell.

It seems Dylan is appreciating the warmth too . . . a really 'golden' retriever.

From the top of Askill Knott  I can see across to the snowy summit of Fellbarrow

up till now hidden behind Darling Fell.

Dylan and Carling Knott . . . he managed to sit still for a minute !

Spoke too soon . . .

Try again for another shot . . . no chance !

Call in reinforcements . . . the calming influence of Harry settles the boy again

so that I can capture a second, more formal shot.

Back down to Mosser track once again

and now heading down the green lane (bridleway) that will take me back down to the main road.

The views ahead show the western Lakes in a more wintery mood.

Between the two farms of Askill and Myresyke are the ruins of another old building.

The last person to live there was a Mr William Wilkinson around 1851.

Spout House was believed to be an old Inn called the Lamb and Ewe, though my source for this (and the photo)

Sheila Richardson in the "Tales of Loweswater" book says little is known of the old building.

Back down at the main road now and looking back up at the sunshine still cloaking Askill Knott.

The building in the photo Askill Farm presumably takes its name from the fell . . . or maybe it was the other way round ?

Back down to the 'other' Loweswater phone box and time to jump in the car for the short drive home.

- - - o o o - - -

Looking back at Carling Knott and Burnbank Fell.

Looking across to Mellbreak, standing alone now as we are much closer to it than before.

From the Village Hall the late afternoon sunshine lights up Whiteside and the trees cloaking Lanthwaite Hill. . .

. . . but Crummock and the Buttermere Valley have dropped in temperature by quite a few degrees

as the afternoon draws to a close and shadows spread across the high fells.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with my Nikon P520 digital camera.

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