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" Snow in the Valley - Loweswater "

Date & start time: 16th - 19th January 2015.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Lorton Valley, Keswick and Crummock.

Walk details :   Walks, drives, outings . . .  a bit of everything !.

Highest point : The nice sunny weather combined with the snow.

Walked with : Myself, plus a picture from Ann on her walk.

Weather : Snowy and overcast, sunshine at times.

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The third snowfall in the North Western Lakes has been the most significant of this winter so far.

Other areas may have got more snow, some even with bright sunshine, but here we've had a real selection of weather.

A short compendium of the long weekend.

Overnight snow on Thursday night left the fields as well as the fells a winter shade of pale.

The sheep down in Whitbeck Bridge fields are taking advantage of some extra winter fodder left by the farmer.

Looking around home the weather is cold and has the feeling of the dampness of sleet

rather than the crispness of sharp winter snow.

The garden is looking wintery too.

Recent pruning has opened out the view and hopefully will allow more light into the garden and greenhouse.

" Puffin Tarn " . . . the water still sitting in the fields due to the heavy rain last week

reflects the trees of the nearby hedge and just one sheep out of the flock in the field.

St Bartholomew's Church Loweswater across the fields.

Behind is Little Dodd (heading for Hen Comb) and Black Crags (heading for Gavel) to the right.

Across the road Rose Cottage awaiting its first visitors of the New Year, due in a few hours.

The red phone box . . . an officially designated " Grade 2 Listed Building " no less !

It is one of sixteen such examples in the Lakes.

- - - o o o - - -

On Saturday I take the Whinlatter Road over the Pass on the way to work.

Several people have climbed the pass before me . . . but only one has travelled down the other way.

( Didn't get my Boy Scout "Tracker's Badge" for nothing )

Over the top and descending the other side.

The Pass has been shut Monday to Friday for the last two weeks due to tree felling.

It is open at weekends for the public to travel.

One brave soul climbing the pass, possibly in order to enjoy a little mountain biking in the forest.

In the afternoon the sun came out and Skiddaw looked stunning from the window of my workplace.

It was pretty good on Sunday too, this time topped with a little cloud mid afternoon.

The beauty of the scene of course only tempered by the slight frustration of not being able to be out there enjoying it more fully.

- - - o o o - - -

Ann was out dog-walking on Monday too, here looking across to Red Pike and High Stile.

It seemed the weather over Crummock Water wasn't quite as fine as Keswick, although this was rather later in the day.

The Lake District weather is often fickle in that way, each valley being different from the next,

depending on the direction from which the weather is travelling.

- - - o o o - - -


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