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" Reflections of Angler's Crag"

Date & start time: Thursday  2nd October 2014, 4.30 pm start.

Location of Start : Bleach Green car park, Ennerdale, Cumbria, Uk ( NY  086 153  )

Places visited : Bleach Green, the weir, Angler's Crag and back round its base.

Walk details :   2.75 mls,  625 feet of ascent, 1 hour 45 mins.

Highest point : Angler's Crag. 802 ft - 247m.

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Sunshine and blue skies.  Cloud gathering at dusk on the way home.


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Ennerdale is basking in reflected glory on a mid-week afternoon as we set out for a short walk with the dogs.

The general noise and hubbub of the Ben Ghyll river scheme fade

as we climb Angler's Crag and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

This is a great little walk which gets you our into the fells within a relatively short period of time.

The views are superb, especially on a day like today and the best views are from the top of Angler's Crag over there.

Do join us for a walk this afternoon . . . park down at the start of the dual carriageway !

Welcome to the industrial world of "Health and Safety" where the United Utilities have created a wide footpath alongside the track to the lake.

I don't know how many people they were expecting when they built the path that wide . . . and I hope it is not a permanent fixture.

It is designed to keep walkers away from the construction site traffic but it is specifically marked as wheelchair unfriendly due to the gravel.

Presumably those of a wheeled disposition still have to run the gauntlet of heavy traffic . . .

The colourful site entrance.

Due to the drought over the summer, more drinking water has been extracted for West Cumbria that has entered the lake in the form of rainfall.

Consequently the river has dried up, much to the consternation of the environment  agency

and in particular the rare fresh water mussels and, no doubt, the fish of the River Ehen.

The initial action taken was to set up three large pumps and the water flowing through this pipe work to keep the river alive.

(see my previous June 2014 report)

Now four months on they are nearing completion of stage two, the Ben Gill scheme.  They have created a new bed for the river that flows

off Crag Fell, in order to feed it directly into the River Ehen rather than use the old culvert which diverted it into the lake.

The stream bed extends all the way back to the base of the fell. 

Once the work is complete the water will flow down the stone lined channel.

We leave the steady hum of the pumps behind as we continue our walk.

At this point we divert from the lakeside path and start heading up the fell.

We are in the shadow but Angler's Crag still catches some afternoon sun.

The steep climb nearly over . . . and we exchange the warmth of the climb for the warmth of the sun once more.

From the brow of the hill we can look down on the blue of the lake

and the small island in the centre which is covered in seagulls.

Across the way is Bowness Knott that we climbed earlier in the summer with Jo.

Dylan waits for us to catch up.

At eight months now he is full of beans and extremely fit, running back and forth all the way along.

The two together.

Hang on . . . these are Herdwicks not Retrievers . . . where's Harry ?

He's not far behind . . . having a sit down after the climb.

He's the "old man" now at ten years and eight months and is allowed a little relaxation now and again.

Okay . . . ready to go again . . . where to now ?

To the summit for a look at the view.

Ahead the Ennerdale Valley extends before us.

You can't see all the way up to Black Sail youth hostel as the valley has a slight curve at the top.

There are however, wonderful views today of Pillar, Scoat Fell and the small triangular summit of Steeple.

The sun is low in the sky, silhouetting the Pinnacles on Crag Fell.

This means our walk down the other side of Angler's Crag will be into deep shade

. . . so deep the camera can't cope too well with the contrast of light.

Almost back down at the lake side . . . the island appears from behind the point

and we get views across to Beckfoot and Whins farms, with Knock Murton behind.

Harry takes a dip in the lake . . . it is a lot warmer than expected.

Had we wanted too we could have walked all the way round on the foreshore

but the dry bed of the lake was fairly heavily bouldered and would have been tough walking for the dogs. especially Harry.

The last part would have involved a small climb as the final cliff below Robin Hood's Chair drops straight into the lake.

I told you there were seagulls on the island . . . you didn't believe me !

Looks like there's a black hooded crow too . . . there on the left.

The view back as the early evening light falls on Ennerdale.

The days are getting shorter now and it will be dark by seven-ish.

Now there's something new since last time.

To add that human touch, to soften the sound of the pumps,

to bolster the thought that they really do care about the environment,

United Utilities have erected a mirror . . . to reflect the beauty that is Ennerdale

Well, at least someone has the environment at heart.

On a technical level the dogs couldn't cope with meeting two identical retrievers on their path,

and Dylan in particular jumped backward when he first noted another dog walking so closely alongside him.

After a little reassurance and the initial excitement over, we did manage to pass without further incident.

And so to bed . . . the last of the sun catching the fish ladder . . . and the pipes that are keeping the river alive.

- - - o o o - - -


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