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" Loweswater Lakes with all four Dogs "

Date & start time: Saturday 26th  April 2014, 3.15 pm start.

Location of Start : Maggie's Bridge car park , Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 134 210 )

Places visited : Maggie's Bridge, Loweswater Bothy, Holme Beck and back.

Walk details :   2.8 mls,  negligible ft of ascent, 2 hours  10 mins.

High point : Seeing all the dogs enjoying themselves.

Walked with : Sophie and Chris, Ann and the dogs, Harvey, Daisy, Harry and Dylan.

Weather : Beautiful sunshine again.

" Loweswater Lakes with all four Dogs " at EveryTrail

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Sunshine all the way as we arrange to meet with friends for a gentle walk

which is more than suitable for old dogs, young puppies and folk awaiting a knee op. 

No ups and downs but plenty to see and enjoy today.  

Patient confidentiality prevents me from saying which knee . . . there's 22 to chose from !

Spring is here and the blackthorn is in bloom . . . May trees flowering in April !

Hi Ann and Roger

In the second photograph in your latest album of the walk to Loweswater, I believe the tree is in fact a Wild or Bird Cherry which normally flowers in April so it's not early at all.    Blackthorn is smaller, a bush which also flowers in April before the leaves unfurl.

'May Blossom' is the common name for hawthorn blossom which flowers after the leaves emerge and isn't actually in bloom yet in the Lake District at any rate.

Dylan seems to be thriving and still has his cute puppy looks which I expect will last a good while longer yet.   Good to see Harry his recovering well too.     Maggie.

Ooops . . . thanks Maggie . . . RmH


This Rowan overlooking the lake is much further behind . . . not a leaf in sight.

Looking across to the bothy.
Looking back along the lake's edge.

Through the gate and into Holme Woods.

This is where they often moor the boats in the summer.

Sophie and Chris are distant neighbours from Lamplugh.
Dylan stretches up to talk to Chris.

A wood carving of a duck sits on the beach next to the bothy, as does a bottle of milk.

It's that "keep it in the lake to stay cool" trick as the bothy doesn't have a refrigerator.

The tree swing was put to use . . . but no video action . . . sorry.

Ann sitting by the beach . . . missing something ?
That's better !

Chris is kept busy throwing sticks for the older dogs.

Harvey, Dylan, Daisy and Harry . . . at the beach where Holme Beck enters the lake.

The guys from Loweswater Care Project are out on the lake . . .
. . . fitting an improved sonic transmitter to fight the algae.

The water is certainly lovely and clear today.

Harry emerges from the lake with yet another stick.

The face of concern . . . has Dylan got his stick, are there any treats or is he just getting more attention ?

Young Dylan on the beach . . . persuaded to sit still for just a moment.

There are so many distractions . . . and so many new things to explore.

Spring means a change of colour in the woods, from winter brown to greens and blues.

The first of the bluebells are beginning to show here in Holme Woods.

Alongside the track . . . a small display taking advantage of shelter provided by the roots of a large tree.

Close-up on the new blooms just starting to open.

" Bluebells by the French impressionist Monet " . . . . 

If the truth be known it was an accidental shutter release as I tried to get a picture of Dylan next to the flowers.

He never did stand still long enough for a picture . . . but I left this one in as I thought it looked interesting.

Over the Holme Beck on the woodland bridge . . . just a back-track now to Maggie's Bridge and home.

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My name is Anna and I work at Artsy. While researching the artist Claude Monet I found your post ( I really liked what I saw!

I actually worked on Artsy's new Claude Monet page, and I think it would be a great resource for your readers. Our newly designed page includes his bio, over 60 high quality images of his works, exclusive articles written by our own editorial team, and up-to-date listings of current shows featuring his work – it's definitely a unique resource for any information on Monet.

I hope you can add a link
Thanks and have a happy New Year!  Anna

"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment." - Claude Monet

Certainly can Anna . . . thanks for the link . . . Rmh


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