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" Dylan's First Walks "

Date & start time: Wednesday 16th April 2014 and onward. ( NY 143 258 )

Location of Start : The Lorton to Mosser Road above High Bank, Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : The Mosser track onto the Hatteringill track plus other local destinations.

Walk details :   2 mls,  475 ft of ascent, 1 hour 10  mins.

Highest point : The farm track near to Whin Fell.

Walked with : Pat, Ann and our new puppy Dylan.

Weather : Overcast but dry. 

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After a week or so at home and then receiving his final puppy inoculations,

it is time for Dylan to get out and see the big wild world. 

We chose a quiet track above Lorton Valley for his first walk into the open countryside.

Once the tarmac runs out there's a wide section opposite a small covered reservoir where there's plenty of place to park.

There's a modern sheep fold area in the field beyond, made up of fences not walls.

Met the humans . . . Ann and her long term friend Pat.

They go back to the time they were both aged seventeen, many moons ago !

Meet our puppy Dylan . . . out for his first walk today.

Where's the other dog you ask ?


Oh No . . . he's been to the vet again !

He's managed to develop an inflammation in between his toes

and so he is on home rest today.


A course of antibiotics and rest is prescribed.

Consequently Dylan has the walk today to himself.

Introducing Dylan to the concept of a lead.
That's better . . . will it last ?
Dylan takes an interest in everything.
Ann is even starting to smile !

The alternative Mosser Road, this one from Lorton to Mosser on the northern end of Fellbarrow.

There's a great view across the landscape towards Binsey, Sale and Ling Fell.

Two Herdwicks watch as we and our young puppy walk by.

Our passing was also noted by the local bovine inhabitants . . .

. . . some more interested than others.

Looking back as we walk up the Hatteringill farm track.

The hazy nature of the day blocks out the distant views of Scotland.

We do manage to see and enjoy the more local fells from this elevated track.

Grasmoor and Whiteside are on the left and you can just see Great Gable at the head of the valley.

Hey . . . hang on . . . what's this . . . a new lake in the Lake District ?

So much to explore today.

Difficult to photograph as he moves so fast.

Hey . . . do you know what I just found ?

The track continues on, but we turn for home . . .
. . . chance for a rest as Dad offers a lift.

Back along the track . . . there's several horses at the top of the field now.

Back again . . . " Hope he enjoyed his walk "

Pat takes a turn at 'leading' the pup.


(above)   Back to the sheepfold at the end of the walk.


- - - o o o - - -


Back home and we've got visitors . . .

Simon and Beth have called in after their walk.


Dylan is growing and now hardly fits

on any lap that is offered.


- - - o o o - - -


(Below)   Another day Ann and I take a stroll

up the Hopegill Valley with Dylan.

Not sure of this moving water thing . . . it makes a funny noise.

A rare photo of a puppy sitting still on the rock.

Ann and Dylan take time out on a convenient rock at the side of the track.

Our daughter Jenna is up for a few days and she accompanies Ann to take Dylan to see the lake.

Their walk took them alongside Crummock Water and gave lovely views of bursts of sunshine

on Low fell and Darling Fell during a rather grey day.

- - - o o o - - -

Jenna caught a few photos of Dylan in her bedroom

"Good Morning Jenna ! It's me !"


He has such long legs that he can stand up

and balance on the end of the bed.

Meanwhile Harry has had a second vet's visit and his infection is clearing up nicely.

Dylan's favourite sleeping position . . . next to Harry.
He seems to grow every time he sleeps.

Both dogs are able to go out for a walk now and Jenna requested a local walk to the pine tree as part of her stay,

which has been a busy one for her as she catches up on her final PGCE University work.

Tying Dylan's lead to Harry kept him calmer . . .
. . . and saved him being distracted by other things.

The ponies up on the fell today didn't seem interested in the dogs (or us)

and so life was less complicated than it might have been.

Keeping Dylan on the lead is the best idea at the moment idea anyway, as his re-call ability isn't yet proven.

Back down in the valley behind Foulsyke the young lambs are enjoying the sunshine.

On Thursday this week, while I was at work, Ann took the dogs to Harry's Pool.

Back on top form, Harry takes immediately to the water.

" How did he get over there ? "

" I'd go and join him but there's a load of water in the way "

Dylan watches from the top of the near bank . . . and has a scratch at his neck.

" Every time I go for a walk someone puts something round my head . . . don't know why . . ."

Two weeks ago he looked like this . . .
. . . he still loves the toy box but doesn't fit as well.

Only when you get two similar photos together ( or when you try to pick him up) do you notice how he's grown.

Puppy life is all about eating, rushing around and sleeping.

Harry is making a wonderful pillow and place of repose.

That's better ! You can imagine Harry thinking . . . " At least he stops rushing around for a while."

- - - o o o - - -


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