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" Dylan of Gunnerdale "

Date & start time: Sunday  9th March 2014. ( NZ 165 379 )

Location of Start : The home of The Gunnerdale Dogs, Stanley Crook, County Durham, Uk.

Places visited : Deborah Forster at Gunnerdale Dogs

Walk details :   (not applicable)

Highest point : Meeting Dylan for the first time.

With : Ann and our dog, Harry (who stayed in the car for this one).

Weather : Overcast but fine.

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With the loss of our Bethan before Christmas Ann, myself and Harry were all missing a little something in life,

so Ann searched the internet and found just what we needed !

Deborah Forster of Gunnerdale Dogs was advertising the arrival of a litter of Golden Retrievers.

This was our first picture of that litter . . . eleven pups in all.

[ On seeing this first photo, our friend Jill described it as a "retriever pudding" ]

Today we had the chance to drive over and see the puppies . . . and in the ten days since the first picture

they have grown so that they'll not all fit in that same dog bed at the same time any more.

Two of these bundles of fluff have no collars, one of them is ours.

Dinner is served . . . I think there's one missing.

The three of us stand and try and work out which is which.

Their mum has had six boys and five girls, all of which have now been spoken for . . . none left to buy from this litter.

I think this is our prospective pup.

He's there . . . the one without the collar . . . no he's gone again !

Getting down close and personal . . . they'll not sit still for a photo for anyone.

We take an overall view of them all . . .

. . . and Deborah spots young "Dylan" again.

Here he is . . .
. . . do you want to hold ?
He is happy to be cuddled . . .
. . . and Ann is happy to cuddle him.

Young Dylan . . . born 23rd January 2014 . . . aged just six and a half weeks.

My turn to hold him . . .

After putting him back in the pen with his litter mate,

Deborah popped out to fetch and introduce us to the father of the litter . . . a fine light coloured retriever dog called Archie.

He is a working gun dog and in beautiful condition.

. . . and very friendly, an excellent attribute of retrievers in general.

Their mum Amber was out in the car as she had not long come back in from a walk.

A lovely looking, darker coloured mum

slightly under weight at present from having pupped eleven strapping lads and lasses.

Nice to see both mum and dad together.

We had a good chat to Deborah and made arrangements to collect our new little Dylan in a few weeks time.

It was too early to take him from the litter at the moment.

So for now we'll leave Dylan with his litter mates,

where he can socialise for a few more weeks, read the paper and improve his education, ready for his new life in Cumbria.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, or my Nikon P520 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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