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" Knott Crag, Ard Crags with Hilton "

Date & start time: Friday  28th February 2014, 2.45 pm start.

Location of Start : Newlands Pass above Buttermere, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 193 176 )

Places visited : Knott Rigg , Ard Crags and back to Newlands Pass.

Walk details :   3.85 mls, 1265 ft of ascent, 2 hours  40 mins.

Highest point : Ard Crags 1,906ft - 581m

Walked with : Hilton, Ann and our dog, Harry.

Weather : Sunshine and occasionally a cool breeze.

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The wind has dropped, the sun shines . . . and we have the chance to get out to a local fell on Friday afternoon. 

It may not be the highest of the summits around the valley but the view today should be spectacular.

Yesterday there was just a little snow left on the fells . . .

This morning the overnight storm has left a fresh covering on the tops.

Hilton has arrived . . . and while lunch is simmering, the sun comes out (at last !)

Time for a quick photographic stroll around the garden before the soup is ready to serve.

Two colours of crocus with bright yellow stamen . . . and a hover fly.

Fresh growth.

It is not meant to be a rockery  . . . but sometimes I think it is.

The daffodils are out in time for March 1st tomorrow.

2014 will be remembered as a good year for snowdrops.

An old tree stump has been converted to a garden table.

The last of 2013's crop was delayed by the poor Autumn . . . but those sprouts are now ready to pick.

- - - o o o - - -

Time to get the walking boots on . . . and go walking.

At the head of the Newlands Pass is a diminutive footpath sign . . . it directs you up to the path along the ridge of Knott Rigg / Ard Crags.

Unfortunately the sign makers have mixed up their summit names . . . the first summit is Knott Rigg at 1 1/5 miles.

Ard Crags, at the other end, is almost double that distance.

Ann and Hilton set off towards . . . Knott Rigg.

I take a slight diversion to see the falls.

The road down the other side leads into Newlands Valley
Moss Force as the beck drains off Buttermere Moss.

High above us is the snow covered summit of Robinson.

Harry waiting for me to catch up.
Hilton studies the water-eroded footsteps.

We're onto the steepest part of the climb, leaving the road further and further below.

Time for a conversation stop . . . us fellas are allowed one too !

Off to the side we are being watched.

I'm looking at Blencathra . . . she's looking at me !

The main part of the climb completed . . . and now we are out onto the ridge . . . Knott Rigg ahead.

The view is so surprising / extensive / delightful, that I'm moved to record all of it for you.

Click here or on the photo above for a Loweswatercam 360 degree annotated panorama

Home straight to the first summit.

Closer in on the detail of the day.

As we climb, the Helvellyn Ridge and the extensive snow on it becomes a lot clearer.

Close up on Helvellyn summit and the Catstycam triangle to the left.

Let's not forget Helvellyn's Whiteside further left again and the foreground ridge of High Seat / High Tove.

Down below . . . Catbells and the houses of Little Town

Summit shot on Knott Rigg.

Missed from the last picture . . . so a near summit photo for Harry.

We're officially above the snow line . . . though no need to dig out the crampons !

Looking over to Wandope and Addacomb Hole.

It feels like there should almost be an upland tarn in the basin but there isn't.

Stepping out in the sunshine.

Nearing the summit of Ard Crags . . . the sun is shining nicely.

Time to stop and look around again.

Click here or on the photo above for a Loweswatercam 360 degree annotated panorama

Time for a quick sit down in the heather before we retrace our steps.

Looking down on Keskadale farm far below.

The road and the bends look almost flat but there is a steep rise up to the farm which can be tricky on icy days.

Just to keep you on your toes . . . try naming these distant fells yourself.

There are five to find in the gap between Hindscarth on the left and Robinson on the right.

Hold your cursor over the picture to get the answer.

The second set of 3 thousanders . . . Helvellyn now in shade.

The third 3 thousander (Skiddaw) can also be seen from this fine viewpoint.

Time to be heading back . . . the sun has found a few clouds to hide behind for now.

We're looking south west towards the High Stile Ridge.

That's better . . . after passing Knott Rigg we are heading back to the car in lovely sunshine again.

The camera silhouettes the scenery.

Time to be heading down to the top of Newlands Pass.

Snow topped Robinson is looking stunning in the sun.

" Stay there while I get the camera out "

A few moments later, with Ann down beyond this minor bump, the sun starts to come out again

leaving Harry bathed in Golden Retriever light.

Behind again . . . time to catch up . . . but carefully on this steep section.

We'll leave the beautiful Knott Rigg / Ard Crags ridge to the locals for another day.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, or my Nikon P520 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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