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" Bradgate Park with Hilton "

Date & start time: Sunday  12th January 2014, midday start.

Location of Start : The car park, Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, Uk ( SK 523 117 )

Places visited : The Deer Park, War Memorial and Old John Tower.

Walk details :   1.75 mls, 250 ft of ascent, 1 hours 20 mins.

Highest point : Old John, 690 ft - 212m above sea level, some 60 miles to the east.

Walked with : Hilton, Ann and our dog, Harry.

Weather : Overcast with a cool breeze but not unpleasant.


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For Bet's weekend party we stayed with Hilton at his house in Thringstone as he had very kindly offered to look after Harry for the day.


In conversation during our stay he produced this ten year old photo,

taken on a previous visit

when our daughter was in Loughborough College.

Hilton and his daughter Hannah, plus Jenna and I.

The dogs were Susie and Layla, our other dog Holly was out of picture.

(sadly all three dogs no longer with us)

Photo from March 2003


On the Sunday we went for a walk in Bradgate Country Park

famed for its Old John Tower and the views across the Leicestershire countryside.

Perhaps our choice of walking venue was prompted by that photo . . . perhaps it is just a nice place to walk !

Rolling hills, ancient woodlands and car parks at a sensible £3 max for the day !

The world and his wife were out as this is one of several popular walking areas on a Sunday.

Still it is a big park and there's plenty of room for all.

Old John Tower through the trees.

This is an iconic tower, having a side arch that makes it look a lot like a beer tankard set on the top of the hill

It is also an ancient and royal deer park so the gate and fence are higher than you would first expect.

Let's head off for that quieter top.

Overnight cold temperatures have formed ice on the puddle . . . our coats were done up against the breeze.

One of the grand houses that are to be found locally.

This one is on Warren Hill and has a great view overlooking the park.

We walk over to the un-named summit next to the woods known as "Sliding Stone Enclosure".

A small dew pond that has been formed to create a water supply for the deer and other animals.

A small gritstone outcrop beyond seems a popular place by the look of the wide footpaths.

The white buildings are in Loughborough, some five or six miles away.

More gritstone outcrops on this small summit.

The bulk of the town of Leicester is hidden behind the trees

The view across to Old John and the Needle War memorial to its left.

From here we had a reasonable, if a bit of a misty view all round.

Click here or on the photo above for a Loweswatercam 360 degree annotated panorama

Hilton and Ann were in Loughborough University together in the early seventies . . . even before I was on the scene !

This is a favourite dog walking area too . . . as this delightful Basset Hound will tell you, if he could talk.

In the background of the previous two pictures was a small herd of deer.

Bradgate park was once a royal deer park but I hadn't thought there would be deer about.

With the popularity of the park being high, they were remarkably used to people, so photography was a lot easier than expected.

Sat on the bank, this male was resting, well camouflaged in the dead bracken.

A fine set of antlers . . . seen through a reasonable zoom to maintain my distance.

Another young buck looks up to watch as I pass by.

Hilton and myself . . . hands in pocket instead of putting on gloves . . . there was a cool breeze at times.

Old John high above us . . . and a glider high above that.

The War Memorial on the hill to the many that lost their lives . . .
. . . in several conflicts of the early twentieth century.

Our path led us on through the small woodland.

. . . towards the tower
. . . and its signature archway.

The viewing plinth was erected by members of the Lady Jane Grey Pageant society.

She was grand-niece of King Henry VIII and her family home was in the trees below the park.

She was reluctantly proclaimed Queen of England on the death of Edward VI, only to be deposed by Mary Tudor just nine days later.

She died (was beheaded for treason) in the Tower of London at the age of just sixteen.

The plaque outlining the history of Bradgate Park, bought from the Grey family by Charles Bennion

and donated in trust to the good people of the City and County of Leicester.

In the skies above the tower were more aircraft

but these, like the one seen earlier, were radio controlled model aeroplanes and gliders.

Difficult to photograph with fast movements in poor light.

. . . but this larger sleek glider obliged with a slow fly-past.

Hilton and I . . . on those same rocks alongside Old John Tower.

A re-enactment of that original photo.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon Sureshot SX220, or my Nikon P520 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . Hilton's hospitality and yummy cooking :o)

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