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" Cogra Moss Walk in the New Year "

Date & start time: Thursday 2nd January 2014, 2.30 pm start.

Location of Start : The Felldyke car park, Lamplugh, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 085 198 )

Places visited : Felldyke to Cogra Moss reservoir under Knock Murton and back.

Walk details :   2 mls,  300 ft of ascent, 1 hour.

Highest point : Out of the wind alongside the reservoir.

Walked with : Ann and our dog, Harry.

Weather : Windy with sunshine and some blue sky.

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A New Year walk on the first fine day of the year. 

This season of blustery storms then quieter days has a certain rhythm about it. 

Today, Ann and I pick a one of those quieter days for a walk up to Cogra Moss reservoir.

Overlooking the car park at Felldyke, a well screened and useful parking area for a dozen cars if needed.

We're looking north here and the Solway Estuary can be seen to the right hand side as a murky shade of grey.

However our choice of timing the walk after lunch has allowed the sky time to clear and the sun to come out.

We're looking up to Blake Fell on this one, but my eye was also caught by the sheep to the left.

Zooming in on the small woodland and the sheep.

The gate into the forestry

but now the trees have been felled we can get a direct view of Knock Murton.

The track was constructed to build the reservoir all those years ago.

The old wall has a beautiful covering of thick green moss.

It is not animal proof so a new fence has been added in front.


Recent gales have caused some damage locally.
Through the trees, the outflow can now be seen.

They seem to be working on the waterway but exactly what is being done is unclear.

There seems more scaffolding than work in progress.

We continue our walk out alongside the lake.

There's a car ahead and a guy wading back and fore to the island.

A long way to go for firewood !

Presumably the Angling Club are doing a little clearing on the island to allow fishermen somewhere to stand yet still have dry feet.

High above us, and in the shadow of the fell (hence the lack of colour), a Kestrel hovers in search of food.

Ironwork out to the fishermen's chair.
The old fence that used to separate forest from lake.


Two rider's have been our enjoying the forest tracks.

Sorry about the poor focus . . . just trying out the big zoom and its anti-shake capability . . . not quite as good as they say !

Time to return, following the horses back to Felldyke.

There's a bank of cloud moving across the sky . . . we've had the best of the day.

The sun makes one final effort to beat the clouds, emerging from below them as we reach the car and set off for home.

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On Monday we were invited to the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Centre

to present a cheque for the money we raised through the sale of our Loweswatercam 20104 Calendar.

The picture includes Gwyn, the Team's Hon. Secretary and Tom, one of the Doctors on the Team.

In addition to the £250 you raised for Cockermouth, (up from £175 last year)

we were also able to donate £125 (£50 last year) to the Duddon and Furness Team

who play a quiet but very important role on the west coast, covering the region south of the Wasdale area

down and around the coast and inland fells to Millom, Ulverston and over towards Coniston . . . a big area.

Martin Cooper, secretary of their supporters group, has written:


Many thank for your generous donation, once again.

As you will see from our newsletter in due course, we are looking at options for a purpose built base as the current rented garage is proving inadequate for our expanding role. Fund raising is therefore even more important this year.

Best wish for the New Year to you and Ann and many thanks for your continuing support.

Kind regards,
Martin Cooper  Duddon & Furness MRT


Many thanks again to everyone who helped us to these fine totals by buying the 2014 Loweswatercam Calendar

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P.S.  . . . . . .  Make a note now for next September if you missed out this year.

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