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" Keswick Christmas Fayre "

Date & start time: Sunday  1st December 2013.

Location of Start : George Fishers at lunchtime.

Places visited : Moot Hall and Market Place, Keswick

Walk details :   Just a quick stroll around, plus another at the end of the day.

Walked with : Myself.

Weather : Overcast but dry.

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It is the first Sunday in December and the streets of Keswick are closed in order to hold the Keswick Christmas Fayre. 

Father Christmas is due to arrive with his reindeers and sleigh

and the town folk join in with stalls and amusements to entertain the locals and visitors alike.

I'm working in the shop today but I was able to get out at lunchtime.

No Fish and Chips for me,  I've just eaten at the best little cafe in town ( blatant advert there . . . did you notice ?)

Market Square

Buzzing with activity this Sunday lunchtime.

Friars of Keswick have a superb seasonal window.
There's a brass band playing on the stage . . .

The Cockermouth Mechanics, the same band we saw at the Loweswater Show

An oversized, over-orange red squirrel . . . love the watch !
The Rotary Club invite you to try your luck . . .

The Human Fruit Machine . . . just get them to pick three fruit the same to win !

The team from Lakeland Radio are interviewing the ventriloquist with the Rabbit.

At the bottom of the square the Ladies Morris Dancers are putting on a display.

The team and members of the public get ready.
Morris with a Christmas theme.
A good time was had by all . . .
. . . or was it something he said ?

Time to meet Santa . . . and Mrs Hollyberry !

He had arrived by Reindeer . . .

. . . who were now relaxing in the penned off section of the square.

" And what would you like for Christmas ? "
" Who's next please . . . yourself ? "
Thomas the Tank Engine  . . . with glitter !
Support Services . . . the St John's Guys and Girls

Hang on . . . I know that girl . . . Louise works in the shop with me . . . must be her day off !

The Rotary Club offers mouth-watering treats . . .
. . . which are appreciated by the Festival organisers.

At the top of the square, the Gingerbread House as I make my way back to work at the end of my lunchtime.


See the fun of the Fayre . . .

Click to start a short video . . . and then sit back and enjoy the full atmosphere.

( Click on the YouTube full-screen icon to see a larger version of the video )

- - - o o o - - -

The event has brought a large crowd into the town . . . and we have been busy today too.

There they go !

Time flies and the evening draws nigh . . . and it was time for the reindeers to fly away too.

Hold your cursor over the picture to say goodbye . . . till Christmas Day.

At lunchtime it looked like this . . .
. . . at the end of the afternoon it was more like this !
A few pictures of the local shop windows . . .
. . . Fishers in festive mood.

Why can't the garage join in too ?

Treeby and Bolton and their festive Giraffe.

At the end of the afternoon I returned to the square.

Most of the crowds had gone, the stage was being packed away and the last customers were sampling the delights of the Gingerbread House.

The Moot Hall, resplendent in Christmas lights.
The tree in the main square.

Interestingly, this is the first December I can remember when there has been Christmas Lights and leaves on the tree at the same time.

It has obviously been a very mild Autumn.

Brysons of Keswick's festive window display . . . full of seasonal goodies.

The workmen are tidying away the market stalls.

" Say no more " or at least . . . no need to say any more !

Making my way home I pass "Love the Lakes" window.

One of the Christmas trees in The George Hotel . . .
. . . and a fine window opposite.

Keswick Collectables . . . always an interesting window in summer or winter.

Back home and time to think about our Christmas now . . .

- - - o o o - - -


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