" 6. Swansea and West Wales ~ Final Day "

Date & Time: Thursday 16th May 2013.

Locations : Final day in Pembrokeshire.

Places visited : Druidston Haven.

Accommodation : The Druidston Hotel, Druidston Haven, Pembrokeshire.

With : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : A lovely blue sky day to end the holiday.

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It was a glorious morning to end our short Welsh holiday . . . so it will be a great day for views on our trip home.

After breakfast there was time for a last walk down to the bay and to soak up the atmosphere of the place

before we had to pack our bags, pay our dues and bundle everyone and everything in the car.

Dog-friendly, relaxed, laid back . . . the Dru.

A great morning, possibly the best visibility of the week.

We can see the surf breaking on the South Bishop Light . . .

. . . and see the white colour of the Gannet Colony on Grassholm island.

In the grounds of the hotel the Roundhouse, the old bowling pavilion, has been converted into an eco-friendly cottage.

You can stay here on a self catering basis too as it has all the basic facilities . . . any technology here driven in a "green way"

Across the way is another eco-home (or should we say second-home) known as "Malator"

It belongs to the MP Bob Marshall-Andrews and his wife.

Down the valley towards the beach.

This path is part of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path which leaves the coast slightly here to avoid the steep cliffs and the grounds of the hotel

and regains the rightful coastal edge position again on the top of Haroldston Chins.

Druidston headland from the beach.

Ann sits and contemplates the view in the other direction.

Time to be getting back to the hotel . . . to pack our bags before leaving.

Still time to walk around the gardens once more.

The hosepipe leads to an outside Jacuzzi bath . . . presumably used more in the summer season.

Through the arch into the main garden area.

A lovely morning and time for someone else to cut the grass !

- - - o o o - - -

A quick look around the house . . .

This is the main dining room which has wonderful sea views.

Beautifully clean but the decorations in places seem a little "in need of attention" . . .

but like your parent's home that has that "lived in look", it wouldn't be the same place it is if it was anything less than homely!

Climb the stairs to our bedroom . . .time to tidy up and pack our belongings.

No time now to lounge in the old chair . . . work to be done . . . have you got your toys Harry ?

Our very comfortable bed in this characterful loft bedroom.

Time to leave the Dru to its lovely cliff top life . . . I hope others continue to enjoy it as we have done and that we'll be back one day.

Looking down on the beach . . . the local riding stables are out exercising the horses.

They've just enjoyed a canter across the beach.

We leave Pembrokeshire to the sea and the sunshine . . . and start our long drive homet hrough mid-Wales to Cumbria.


- - - o o o - - -

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