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" March Snow in Holme Woods "

Date & start time: 23rd March 2013, 2.15 pm start.

Location of Start : The red phone box, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 143 211 )

Places visited : Maggie's Bridge and Holme Woods including the falls.

Walk details :   3.5 mls, 375 ft of ascent, 1 hour40 mins.

Highest point : Holme Woods 600 ft - 184 m.

Walked with : Myself and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Zero degrees . . . biting cold in the strong easterly wind.

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Friday morning we woke to the sound of an easterly gale

I set off for work but failed to get even half way down the valley

before the snow drifts and road conditions made it obvious that travelling to Keswick was not a good idea.

( No morning photos due to concentrating too hard on getting home again !)

Our previous walk page showed a few mid-morning pictures from that day including the one above.

It was cold and windy with continual snow flurries . . . not a good idea to be out without a warm coat (and all the rest of the gear !)

After lunch I dress up warm and took the dogs out for a walk down to the lake . . . 

Click on the video for 1.5 minute blast of easterly wind !

- - - o o o - - -

Next day the wind was still blowing hard but many of the the roads had been cleared by the strength of that same wind.

Temperatures are hovering around zero but it's the strong breeze that's the problem.

Wrap up warm again time and off to Loweswater and Holme Woods to walk the dogs.

Top of the hill above us and the snow has blown across the road by the vicarage.

High Cross farmhouse looks as cold as the rest of us.

Maggie Lonnin . . . the lane down to Maggie's Bridge . . . has had deeper wind-blown snow across it

but the vehicles have made it through to the four farms and houses down here.

Through the gate and looking across to Loweswater.

I thought there may be some ice on the lake but the temperatures have not been low enough

and also the wind has maintained a choppiness that prevents the ice from forming.

Through the next gate on the main track and we are looking up at Carling Knott.

Nearing the lake and I look back to see Whiteside and Grasmoor fading into the mistiness

caused by the flurries of snow that still float on the breeze.

Darling Fell, Low Fell and a tree.

It is still a young tree (fairly low) but a real darling !

Anyone for boat hire . . . there's still one moored up at the side of the lake ?

In the woods . . . Loweswater Bothy . . . a simple 'camping barn' sleeps two to ten depending how friendly you are.

More basic than some, better than others I understand, but just think of the location !

Hire details from the National Trust . . . click here

The 'new' footbridge in the woods is beginning to blend in.

The grey chippings were new last year as the path was upgraded to become 'wheelchair friendly'.

I take a left turn and head up into the woods . . .

. . . to check out the Holme Force (waterfall).

[ without the brackets it would be tautology !]

I climbed up alongside the falls to the spout near the top.

In the low light the camera can't function fast enough to freeze the water . . . but the air temperature is having a good go !

- - - o o o - - -

Moving subjects make an obvious choice for a video.

Click on the start button to walk back down with me.

Take care not to slip !

(see full screen option for a larger view).

Safely back down at the bridge, I continue the walk up the forest path to the next junction.

Turn left again and I'm heading down once more . . .
. . . back towards the lake.

Time to be heading back across the meadows from Watergate Farm back to Maggie's Bridge.

Mellbreak is looking cold but I'm quite warm after the climb up and back to the waterfall.

Mmmm . . . Whiteside and Grasmoor aren't quite so visible now !

Passing that earlier gateway I look through and see

what I thought was a Heron.


It is often there . . .


In fact it is perched where there used to be

a fence at one time . . .


Perhaps it is not a heron . . .


perhaps it is a fence post after all . . .


That's why it's always there when I pass  . . .


Doh !!!

Buoyed on be the sense of achievement from identifying a rare ornithological fence post

I try my hand at newer species including the rare slate bird and a flock of eight (fence) rails.

Back up the lane towards home . . . what do you reckon on this snow then Harry ?

Bethan stays a little closer . . . but not much.

From the Village Hall the view is normally superb . . . looking all the way up the Buttermere Valley . . . not today though.

SLOW it says . . . but in this weather perhaps it could be interpreted as SLEW

which is what you do if you slide sideways on the ice !

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with my Canon G10 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . an engineer to come and fix our house phone after the storm !

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