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" Five go to Whiteside "

Date & start time: Sat 10th September 2011, 3.15 pm start.

Location of Start : Lanthwaite Green car park, Crummock, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 159 208 )

Places visited : Whin Ben, Whiteside, Dodd and back.

Walk details : 4.25 mls, 2050 ft of ascent, 3 hrs 15 mins.

Highest point : Whiteside 2317 ft - 707 m.

Walked with : Jen, Jen, Chloe and Helen, plus Bethan the dog.

Weather : The forecast said blustery showers, clearing during the afternoon.


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Our daughter and three of her friends were up for the weekend with the idea of getting out

and enjoying as much as possible that the Lake District has to offer over a long weekend.

Introductions first :

(L to R) Myself, daughter Jen, friends Jen, Chloe, and Helen, with Hilton on the right. (photo by Ann)

[ Hilton's already up here and doing a sterling job of trying to paint the outside of our house in the middle of the hurricane season ]

- - - o o o - - -

After spending a morning watching the rain flying horizontally passed the window

we decided the weather was clearing as forecasted so we made for the hills.

First stop, L: Lanthwaite Green and a photo standing in front of our intended summit, Whiteside.

Whin Ben is the subsidiary peak on the way up.

Across the 'Green' to Gasgale Gill and the bridge.

Evidence of the floods and erosion of 2009 are still very much in evidence.

The bridge survived and makes for an easy crossing of the beck.

The rain may have stopped but the wind was still strong, even at this lowly altitude.

Looking back at Loweswater as we climb.
Up through the heather which is now in bloom.

The steep ascent takes us up onto Whin Ben

and affords reasonable views back towards Crummock and Melbreak in spite of the weather

Chloe stops to survey the view of Grasmoor, its head topped in cloud.

Onward and upward . . .
. . . with the odd pause for a break.
The bilberries are starting to ripen . . .
. . . nice matching tongue and t-shirt Jen !

Looking back we find the weather has decided to play tricks on the forecasters . . . and us !

Time for the waterproofs.

Gasgale Gill Valley all but disappears in the rain.
Fortunately we had the wind (and rain) at our backs.

During a second heavy and extremely blustery shower we were in two minds to go back, but with the weather on our backs not our faces,

the ridge being broad and safe and with the prospect of clearing skies, it was better to proceed on the last hundred feet to the top rather than return.

In the cloud, but sheltered behind the summit crags,

we had a real sense of achievement at reaching the top of Whiteside in these conditions.

Bethan looks pleased !

Did I say the wind was strong up here ?

Making our way along the ridge, leaving the summit behind in the mist.

Suddenly, as is sometimes the case, the weather suddenly started to clear

and we had the most wonderful five minutes as we stopped to watch everything change.

A damp panorama as the cloud started to move away.

[ On moments like this you wish for a waterproof camera ]

Click here or on the photo above for a Loweswatercam 360 degree annotated panorama


Video footage at the scene . . . click on the U-Tube video button and make sure your speakers are not too loud !

We watched as the rainbow grew, turned double and faded

as it appeared to cross Whinlatter summit en route for Lords Seat summit behind.

Two shots as the clouds lifted further.

Hopegill Head and Grisedale Pike were now clear.

The weather had changed completely in the time we had taken to drop just this short distance down from the ridge.

The ridge down towards Dodd gradually develops a path.

I knew this would be safe in the rough weather, but it turned out not to be important, now that the rain had gone and the sun was out.

Down to the rock outcrop at the hause.

Our route would take us down to the small valley to the left and out on that faint green path below.

Coats . . . and hair . . . drying in the sunshine and the gentle breeze.

The path brought us gently down alongside the edge of the shadow

and once by the stream we turned to follow it down . . . a relatively easy descent.

You find old sheepfolds in the most unexpected places . . . this one is in rather a poor state of repair.

Walking that green path out of the Cold Gill valley.

The view down the Lorton Valley, north towards Cockermouth.

Following the field wall down, we cut the corner slightly, heading for Lanthwaite once again.

The long path back gradually drops down to the fell wall that skirts Whiteside's western flanks.

Sunshine and blue skies as we round the corner and see the end of the walk.

One last obstacle to surmount . . . the river crossing of Gasgale Gill.

There used to be a 20ft bridge here which spanned the beck . . . it has gone and so we make our way up river looking for an alternative crossing point.

Half way up to our original bridge the stones in the river made it possible for a dry crossing,

so we are safely over to the other side.

6.30 pm and we are back at the car . . . smiles all round after a great walk . . . was it raining earlier or was I mistaken ?

- - - o o o - - -

Can't hang about . . . we've a table booked for an hour's time !

The four girls, washed and brushed up and looking forward to their meal in the Kirkstile Inn.

The food was excellent as usual and the desserts notable by all being equally attractive.

So as not to disappoint themselves, each of their deserts were sampled and passed round.

Four dishes, four dessert spoons, sixteen different portions !

The 'grown-ups' on the other side of the table, behaving sedately as grown-ups do !

- - - o o o - - -

The following day . . . their weekend continued with more activity of an outside nature . . .

On the day that "what remained of Hurricane Katia"

was due to blow through the Lakes

the girls had booked a day's adventure course

to go climbing and scrambling in Borrowdale

with Nick of More Than Mountains


- - - o o o - - -

My My . . . are we going climbing ?

They assured me these were limbering up exercises

I think they were posing for the camera !

- - - o o o - - -


The following pictures were all by the girls

as I had been offered a marshalling job on Scafell Pike

A good day for the high fells . . . not !

( More of my day out shortly )

Now I know they were posing for the camera !

The serious work of climbing starts at Shepherds Crag.
Chloe on the first climb.
Jen makes a move for a rock hold.
Going well despite the damp rock.

Helen using every available hold she could on her way up.

Across now to the top of the Bowder Stone where we meet our team members again

Absailing over the edge in the old Quayfoot Quarries.
After a few attempts they really got into the swing.

A big thanks from them . . . to Nick of More than Mountains.

And so it's goodbye from them

till the next time "Team Extreme" are back up in the Lakes

- - - o o o - - -

Have they gone ? . . . Ahh . . . peace and quiet returns to the valley.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with either the girl's cameras or my Canon G10.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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