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" Lorton Garden and Scarecrow Trail "

Date & start time: Sunday 24th July 2011, afternoon.

Location of Start : The Yew Tree Hall, Lorton, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 161 255 )

Places visited : All the locations I could find.

Walk details : 3 miles round the village.

Highest point : The surprises round the next corner.

Walked with : Myself and Rob, a colleague from work who lives in Lorton.

Weather : A beautifully sunny day for this garden and village event.


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Following a successful Lorton Flower Festival in May this year

the families and gardeners of the village have pulled the stops out again and organised a Garden Trail which was to the public on Sunday 24th July.

The Yew Tree Hall in Lorton is celebrating 100 years of public use and money raised today will go towards Hall funds.

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I was working today but managed a quick look around at the gardens and the scarecrows, if only from the road side.

I hope many of you were able to spend more time and venture in to enjoy the gardens as well.

The most cuddly of scarecrows starts this tour of the village.
Refreshments and plants on sale at the hall.

A beautifully sunny day and folk are out enjoying the afternoon down at Boonbeck behind the hall.

The large tree behind is the famous Lorton Yew.

There seems to be a rescue going on in the river . . . and has been for most of the day !

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker . . .
. . . battle it out in Star Wars.
Hanging by his finger tips.
In a cottage garden.

Anyone for Tennis ?

The Smithy at Smithy Fold.

One for the Soroptomists . . . at Graceholme Cottage.

An Angel wings flowing in the breeze . . . spot the giraffe.
A gardener outside the Yew Tree Hall.

What's happening down there ?

I'll just helping him out of the hedge !

Gone Fishing in Boonbeck.

After all the hard work doing the garden . . . it's time for a beer !

" You can see why this garden needs a lot of work " the sign reads.

The empty bottle says it all !

The Old School House has it's own scarecrow . . . look out Smith Minor !

Building work, and first aid for that matter, can wait while the tea break is on !

Brooms at Broomland.

Mer-Made in Lorton.
Just do it . . . on roller blades.

Down by the river . . . very little is stirring.

Is JR Hartley fishing for flies, if so he's caught a fish instead !

Not all scarecrows were at ground level . . .
. . . This one is trying his luck at a little climbing.
A prize for the most innovative face (?) ~ a plastic milk bottle ~
Summer in the Lake District . . . incorrectly dressed for today !

Resplendent after the flooding, the only sign that remains is the road sign.

Back to the Yew Tree via the Millennium Yew.

A cutting was taken from the Lorton Yew in 2000, grown on and replanted at Cross gates.

It will carry the village forward for the next millennia, during which we look forward to many more successful village events.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with Sony Ericson mobile phone this time.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . not a crow in sight.

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