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" La'al Ratty Railway with the Grandchildren "

Date & start time: 31st May 2011, 12.15 pm start.

Location of Start : Ravenglass Station, Cumbria, Uk ( SD 086 965 )

Places visited : Ravenglass up to Dalegarth Station. Lunch at the Boot Inn.

Walk details : 7 mls, 150 ft of ascent, 4 hrs 30 mins including refreshments.

Journeyed with: Myself (Ann) Jenna, Abi, Alexander and the dogs (Harry and Bethan)

Weather : Sunshine and blue skies.


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Chance for myself and Jenna to take the two youngest grandchildren over to the west coast for a ride on La'al Ratty

the narrow gauge railway that joins Ravenglass on the coast to Boot Village near the head of Eskdale.

Sunshine all the way for this lovely little train ride today.

We had some spare time to wait for the next train, so took the little ones for a short walk to the seashore at Ravenglass,

the lovely West Cumbrian coastal village at the start of the railway.

"Smile please for Aunty Jen"

Harry looks a bit put-out at not being the subject of a photo on this occasion !

""Am I bovvered? " says Bethan

The result of the photo-shoot.

The houses on the seaward side of the main street of the village back on to the beach itself.

Black Combe is the fell ahead beyond the seashore.

Alexander and Abi stroll up the main street with the sea now behind them.

Time to acquaint ourselves with our engine . . .
. . . the steam engine awaiting us at Ravenglass terminal

Abi looking excited at the prospect of the journey ahead . . .
. . . so do I by the look of it !

With a puff of smoke and a shrill whistle it's off to go !

Two youngsters enjoying the journey.

Time for a spot of fun too.

Recent fires have swept through here and the trees show the damage caused by the burning.

We wait while the down-train passes us.

Peaceful pastoral land with the shapely Harter Fell in the distance.

Leaving the station at The Green and passing under the bridge

carrying the road that leads to Eskdale Green village.

A lovely panorama of fells as we travel the seven miles up the Eskdale valley,

from the pointed Harter Fell to the undulating tops of Green Crag.

Journey's end . . . the terminus at Dalegarth Station.

The turntable at Dalegarth.

Alexander watches as our engine, the River Irt, is rotated to have it ready for the return ride to Ravenglass.

Time for a walk to the Boot Inn for lunch. It is sunny but with a cold breeze.

We pop into the conservatory where it's a bit warmer.
Both children look to be enjoying their lunches.

But two sad faces indicate that they have missed out !

Keep pushing !

Playtime and Alexander pushes his younger cousin on the swing.

There is only seven months difference in the age of these two.

Hold your cursor over the picture to move the swing.

The River Mite, our engine for the return ride, approaches the turntable.

All set for our return, open carriage with a roof this time around.
Harry and Bethan prepare themselves for the ride back.

Good friends, these two get on ever so well.

I'll leave our readers to guess who is 'the boss' !

Then and now !

Recent family celebrations have revealed a wealth of old photos.

Hold your cursor over the picture to step back fifty years . . . Spot Roger on the train at Dalegarth !

Puzzles and questions to keep a young lad occupied.

The cool 'Elton John' look in Aunty Jen's sunglasses !

A thoughtful looking Jen !

Passing the King George IV Inn part-way down the Eskdale Valley.

Back to The Green again where more passengers join our train.

Comfortable and contented, Bethan rests her chin on her big brother.They were unperturbed by the train journey

but Harry 'lost' his legs both times when the train whistle blew on the turntable while he was in close proximity!

Waiting for an up-train to pass.

The old Mill at Muncaster has passed into private ownership and is well looked looked after.

It has a pleasant conservatory on the railway side. Must be fun to see the little train go past regularly.

Back to Ravenglass where our car awaits us in the station car park.

Abi takes a photo of our engine on the turntable.

" Let's see if it's a good one"

A final treat at the delightful Rosegarth Guest House in Ravenglass.

The huge chocolate sundaes look to be going down well.

Mum and daughter indulged in a delicious scone and cream tea instead !

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Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon 75 or Jenna's digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . sunshine and an afternoon packed with treats.

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