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" Beacon Fell Country Park ~ Preston, Lancs."

Date & start time: 13th May 2011, 2.40 pm start.

Location of Start : The Bowland Centre, Beacon Fell, Lancashire, Uk ( SD 564 427 )

Places visited : Mmmm . . . Beacon Fell.

Walk details : 2.1 mls, 300 ft of ascent, 1 hr 10 mins.

Highest point : Beacon Fell again 873 ft - 266 m.

Walked with : Myself (Roger) and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Overcast , distant showers and a cool breeze.


Beacon Fell Country Park at EveryTrail

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A trip down to Preston on Friday left me with a few hours spare,

so a quick look at the map found somewhere enjoyable to walk the dogs.

The sign at the back of the Memorial Seat at Bowland Visitor's Centre starts today's report.

There's little doubt that I'm at the right place !

A quick sandwich lunch in the car park and a coffee in the visitor's centre where I picked up a local leaflet about the park

and I'm off into new territory for an hours walk with the dogs.

The leaflet said you can see Blackpool Tower from here . . .
. . . This guy has been trying to view it for far too long !

The sculpture is in fact " Orme Sight " created on site in 1996 by Thompson Dagnall

and celebrates the park and its position as a viewpoint over Lancashire, the coast and presumably the Great Orme of North Wales.

If you visit then go round behind it and see the view through his eye(s).

There is a network of wheelchair friendly paths and they advertise " Tramper Hire "

It is different geology round here and consequently the walls reflect the local Millstone Grit.

There seems to be some rebuilding of the walls in the park, perhaps as a result of stone walling courses at the centre.

Queen's Avenue, a larch lined forest track.
I take the alternative track towards the summit.

Another Thompson Dagnall sculpture . . . the " Walking Snake "

showing about half of the body / tail of the snake. ( I forgot to take a picture of it from further back as I had already started walking along it )

The fine head of the snake, reminiscent of Kaa from the Jungle Book

A short walk finds me at the summit of Beacon Fell.

[ If you like your gratification deferred, then reverse this route and arrive here towards the end of the walk ]

Beacon Hill is named after a fire beacon that was lit on its summit, part of a national network of communication beacons in the days before wireless or telegraphy. A flame was lit here to signify the actual occurrence of an event such as a battle, an invasion, a coronation or similar that had been notified in advance by messages passed by hand or mail coach.

Before the trees were planted it commanded a full 360 degree view.

Click here or on the photo above for a Loweswatercam 360 degree annotated panorama

The top itself is more or less clear of trees

so I walk across the moorland summit area and take a path around the inner perimeter of the woods.

Beacon Tarn

A small but delightful artificial circular pool with an island in the centre.

Rich lakeside vegetation surrounds the water's edge.

Just the place for a muddy swim !

Water lilies next to the island.
Loosestrife or Water Purslane ?

Hi Roger,

Good to see that you found somwhere nice to walk the dogs on Friday.
Queen's Avenue looked very attractive & that was a great snake
Poor Harry having a " Scary Moment " Looks like he had his ''who's a silly boy''
face on when he realised it wasn't really a big scary cat! Lol
The lovely frilly white flowers are Bogbean.


Hi Angie. Thanks for the information. Bogbean it is then . . . RmH

Looking back across at the thicker part of the forest.

A bird's egg lying by the side of the track.


Unfortunately I suspect it had been removed from the nest

and the contents eaten by another bird or animal.


Not brilliant on bird's egg identification

Anyone any ideas ?



It looks like a Pheasant's egg. The Crows like them although I have seen Magpies take them too.

I have just had a Pheasant hatch 5 eggs today in my veg garden. I only hope they survive to grow into adults.

Looking forward to more Lakes photos.

All the best,

Steve Cater

Hi Steve. Thanks for the information. Keep us up to date on your 5 egg brood . . . RmH

" Scary Moment " seat for Harry.

The scary moment actually came a few seconds before as Harry emerged from the thicket

and visibly jumped as he spotted this forest beast out of the corner of his eye.

Back through the open woodland . . .
. . . a single bunch of bluebells along the way.
Red Campion on more open ground.
Back at the far end of Queens Avenue.

Extensive views over the Lancashire plains and Preston.

Time to get back and meet up with Ann.

Back at the Bowland Centre and that new section of wall.

No time for a second cup of tea . . . due to the information passed by mobile phone technology . . . " I'm ready to go home ! "

Beacon Hill has a one way circular drive around the circumference

so after a road side view of Fair Snape Fell and Parlick Hill, it was time to get back to town.

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