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" The OFC 10th Anniversary Celebrations "

Date & start time: 7th May 2011, 10.30 am start. ( NY 266 191 )

Location of Start : The Mary Mount Hotel, Borrowdale, Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : Keswick Launch, Hawes End, Catbells, Manesty and back.

Walk details : 5.5 mls (excluding the boat), 1725 ft of ascent, 4 hrs 35 mins.

Highest point : Catbells 1,481ft - 451m

Walked with : 21 Members and 6 OFC dogs

Weather : Overnight thunder storms cleared away but rain was a possibility for later.


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It was ten years ago that Foot and Mouth struck the country

and one chap in London was getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to walk the fells.

Today we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Online Fellwalking Club he set up at that time.

Our venue for the event was the Mary Mount Hotel in Borrowdale.

and it was here that twenty of us met during the morning of the 7th May to walk Catbells via the Keswick Launch

The crowds gather.

Roll Call for the walk :

Keith, Frances, Ann, Maggie, Liz, Barrie, Ian, Neil, Jo, Mike, Susan, Ed, Peter, Beth, Simon, Dee and John (bending) plus John P.

Richard Ratcliffe joined us at the boat landing and David Hall joined us at Hawes End.

Due to the low water in the lake we had to re-locate the start of the boat ride to Ashness Pier

which involved an extra three quarters of a mile or so walk through Strutta Woods alongside the road.

For the latter section the path followed the lakeside

giving us impressive views of Falcon Crag and across the water to Skiddaw.

At the pier with a few minutes to spare.

Time to catch up with old acquaintances and also to make new ones.

There's a boat just gone . . . was it ours ?
No Keith . . . ours is coming the other way round !

All aboard for a clockwise trip around Derwent Water.

Ahead is the pointed summit of Catbells, our main objective today.

Richard (and someone's finger) with Castle Crag in the background.

Dee and John.

Maggie, Liz and Jo with Catbells again.
Colourful dinghies with Brandelhow Woods behind.

The boat turns for the approach to Hawes End Pier . . .

. . . where it was our turn to disembark.

You'll never get a good shot of Harry if you point the camera that direction Barrie !

We walked up through the woods to the road bends at the foot of Catbells.

The Planning Department have eventually allowed the local farmer to open a car park, which has removed the need for roadside parking and generally improved the appearance of the place. Had they done this a few years back then no doubt a screen of hedgerow and young trees could have been planted by now and the facility would have looked even better.

As we started the climb we had to wait to cross the road as several classic cars passed by.

There must have been an event on as six or eight passed us in the short time we were there.

Starting up the wide path onto Catbells.

The old house at Derwent Bay is below which was the home of the Derwent Bay Bears

They've now moved to new premises at Stainton near Penrith and trade as Cumbrian Carvings.

The Thomas Leonard Memorial
The final pull to the top of Catbells

There are a lot of folk up here today . . . Oh . . . about half of them are ours !

Grey skies over Newlands but thankfully the rain seems to be holding off .

Another launch turns for Ashness after calling in at High Brandelhow Pier.

The OFC Group make it to the top, taking care on the last, slightly slippery rock section.

John and Ann topping out on Catbells.

Frances and Maggie on the summit.


Frances was the only one of the party who had not climbed this fell before

so Maggie congratulates here on adding another Wainwright Fell

to her completed list.


Don't get the wrong idea . . . she's no beginner.

Frances has already completed the whole of the Munro list of

three thousand foot peaks of Scotland

from her home north of the border.

A slightly cool breeze on the summit

suggests we should seek a more sheltered lunch spot down near Hause Gate ahead.

John, Dee and Amber pass a colourful group of youngsters in red having the same idea.

Neil contemplating a cheese and pickle sandwich ?

Beth and Simon are more into bread baps for their lunch.

Harry and Bethan are open to any offer of food of course.

Peter produced a plastic banana to eat (inside was a real one !)

Hands of friendship . . . Actually it was Frances, Ian and Peter bartering chocolate eggs for sandwiches

as Frances had left half her lunch behind at her accommodation.

It looks like that rain is catching up with us now.
Red Children have turned yellow as they've put on their waterproofs too.

Some of the party continued on to climb Maiden Moor

whilst the rest of us descended from Hause Gate back towards the lakeshore path.

The rain was really setting in now . . . a typical OFC outing.

Not snow but rain caught in the flash of the camera

as Beth, wrapped up against the rain, descends towards Manesty.

Back on the road that skirts Catbells we pass some colourful Clematis in bloom.

The Cumbria Way footpath to Lodore is well signposted.

Almost a Scottish sea loch . . .

with the low water levels today the grass on the foreshore was looking a little like seaweed .

We turn right and head along the board walk towards Chinese Bridge and Lodore.

The wooden boards have been replaced in recent years by planks made from re-cycled black plastic.

Nothing plastic about the bridge however

It stands tall above the potential flood waters here at the top of the lake.

An inscription by A.A. Milne, carved into the paving stones read :

Christopher Robin thought that if he stood on the bottom rail of the bridge and leant over

and watched the river slowly slipping away beneath him

then he would suddenly know everything there was to be known.

Mmmm . . . always a possibility !

Back at the hotel reasonably dry . . . as the rain has stopped and the sky has cleared slightly.

Some stay for afternoon teas, and some like us return home or to their accommodation to change

and get ready for the meal tonight.

- - - o o o - - -

Roll call of those attending is easiest with a photo from each table.

John P (leaning over to be in the photo), myself, Peter, Tracey, Barbara, Dee, John and Ann behind the camera !

Neil, Jill with Nigel opposite, Angie by the window and Paul on the right.

Say "Shhh..." for the camera Lorraine.

Behind her Steve, Beth and her dad Simon, Josie and David on the right in this one.

Going the other way round . . . Maggie, Barrie, Liz, Richard, Frances and on the left, Alan.

Our west coast contingent, David and Jennifer with Keith concentrating on the broccoli, Ian opposite him

and Ed and Susan at the back (or front if you're looking in from the rain outside)

The top table . . . or at least the one at the top end of the room included Sherran and Bill, Gary and Sheena,

with Mike from Cheltenham and Mary who turned out to live not to far away from him down there in the south of England.

- - - o o o - - -

After an excellent meal it was my pleasant duty to thank the hotel,

to read the names of those who sent good wishes but weren't able to attend

and to introduce our head man . . . Mr Peter Burgess.

In his usual style he talked about how the club started

and highlighted the notable events during first ten years of the OFC.

From his box of goodies he produced numerous prizes.

The raffle raised an appreciable amount of money which will be donated to one of the Lakes Rescue teams.

In response to Peter's talk and by way of a thank you for all his efforts,

John gave a small speech and presented him with a few well chosen gifts.

All eyes on John during his short talk.
Pete unwrapped the first of his gifts.
What is this . . . a climbing harness of some sort ?
No . . . a Mankini support after all his support for the club !!


We did actually club together to buy him a second present which, being a folding duffle bag,

would be a lot more practical and a well used addition to his wardrobe.

So ended a busy and enjoyable day.

- - - o o o - - -

Click here or on the logo to view the Club website or here for the OFC Message Board

If you enjoy fellwalking, anywhere in the Uk or abroad, do feel free to join us.

- - - o o o - - -



Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon 75 or my Canon G10 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . good friendships made over the ten years

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