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" Preparations for the great event "

Date & start time: 12th-14th Feb 2011.

Location of photos : The Village Hall, Cumbria, Uk

Details : Re-construction of the set ready for the Village Play.

Highest point : It all fitted together, even the bits we hadn't fitted together before.

Worked with : Keith, Malcolm, Richard, John H, John T, Doug and others.

Weather : No problem ... we're indoors

Watch this space for photos of the play later this week.


 The Loweswater Village Play 2011 at EveryTrail

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Having built the basic layout we have to take the set apart again

and transport it all to the Village Hall where we have to rebuild it

and get it ready for the technical and dress rehearsals in two days time.

In my haste I failed to get a picture of the sheep trailer with all the walls and scenery loaded but here's one of the back of Cath's pickup

with the steps, Christmas lights, paving slabs and bottles and bottles of screws and nails to fix everything together again.

Bit like an Ikea warehouse . . . all laid out flat pack ready for the build.

Did anyone bring the instruction sheet ?

Now to fit the quart into the pint pot . . . first a back screening wall.

Keith does the health and safety bit . . . fixing a banister rail next to the steps up onto the stage.

The doors are up and some of the brickwork is being added to the side panels.

( Some locals may recognise the bricks . . . they were acquired from "Tom's Secret Garden" after the recent Theatre by the Lake play)

Myself and Keith relaxing after a very busy day's work.

- - - o o o - - -

Day two saw everyone back at the hall.

Peter the electrician is here to fix the lights.

Green hedges are added and the full set starts to take shape.

John, Richard and Sheila fix the side hedge.
Top blackout screens have been fitted.
Time to pour the coffee . . .
. . . and time to drink it.
Getting to grips with the decoration now . . .
. . . getting stuck into the wallpapering !

The scene is set in the back garden of two adjacent houses . . . in case you were trying to work it out.


Much hilarity and sarcastic remarks

followed Keith and Richard's attempt to hang two window frames.


Never in the course of human thespian endevour

has so much effort been placed into getting them central,

getting them on the right course of bricks and finally getting them level.


Eventually we realised that a mid-term revision to the set design

has made them redundant, and both middle windows

had to be taken down after all . . . sorry lads !



As a result . . FOR SALE . . . Two window frames . . . hardly used !

With the workers working had on the stage, I clear the decks for the sound and lighting system.

I think we might just be ready for the dress rehearsal . . . what a team !

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with my Canon G10 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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