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Loweswater and the Fangs Brow Walk

Date & start time: Tuesday 30th November 2010, 3 pm start. ( NY 105 226 )

Location of Start : The moorland track above Fangs Brow, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : To the chair below Burnbank Fell and back.

Walk details : 2.3 mls, 375 ft of ascent, 1 hr 20 mins.

Highest point : 950 ft - 292 m above sea level at the top stile.

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Wintery and cold where the easterly breeze whips round the corner of the fells.

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Home again and we've collected the dogs who have been staying with Jayne and Max for the last few nights (many thanks).

We wake to overnight snow but not as heavy as Scotland and the east coast where 18 to 24 inches have been reported.

For us though the sun shines . . . but that easterly breeze really keeps the temperatures down for our walk today.

Up at sunrise today as the sun streams into the garden.

Early . . . not really . . . it was about nine o'clock when I took this photo !

The sunshine hasn't reached the dark flanks of Mellbreak yet.

A Robin waits patiently for breakfast . . . once I've gone.
From the lounge window where I don't disturb the residents as much.

Lovely sunshine across the fields to Loweswater Church.

A quick look around the garden after the weekend.

Local Holly.

Grasmoor . . . looking splendid in its snowy mantle.

Whiteside living up to its name.

Looking the other way, across the road to Low Fell.

Mid morning and the sun has not risen sufficiently to clear the top of Mellbreak so we're in shadow for a while.

There was an interesting cloud above the summit however which was blessed with a silver lining.

A short while later the cloud has moved on but the sun is still hidden by the northern top of Mellbreak.

The easterly breeze is bringing some cloud to the high fells.

The morning weather forecast says the temperatures are so low that freezing levels are down to sea level.

Mountain forecasts often say it will be freezing at 1000 or 2000 ft during a normal cold winter's day.

- - - o o o - - -

After a soup lunch at the Grange Hotel, in aid of our local First Responders Group

we take the dogs and ourselves out for a walk.

- - - - o o o - - -

Driving past Loweswater Lake on the way to Fangs Brow.

Zooming in on Hen Comb and Watergate Farm across the lake.

Parking alongside the road . . . if you can identify where it ends and the verge starts.

The gate onto the Coffin Road back towards Loweswater.

Did I say there was a strong easterly breeze at times ?

Ann walks the track that will lead us towards Burnbank Fell.

The locals briefly stop to watch as we pass.
We are not quite the first people here today.

Looking back in the sunshine, across the Solway to Scotland.

Looking west . . . that's why it has suddenly got a bit colder . . . someone move that cloud out of the way please.

Views of Loweswater will be ours shortly.

Snow has settled on the squares of the wire fence and blown through the gate to create a small drift.

The wind is rippling the lake and there's little sign of surface ice yet.

Reaching the highest part of the walk, Ann is looking well wrapped up against the bitter wind.

Are we going further ?

Why not . . . the last of the sunshine should make it worthwhile.

The chair on the Coffin Road has been repaired and makes a good target and turn around point for our walk.

Weak sunshine on the flanks of Mellbreak, as seen above the upper trees of Holme Wood.

Time to turn and retrace our steps.

3.56 pm and the sun has just about set now.

Snowdrifts on the fell wall.

The last colour of the afternoon.



- - - o o o - - -


The lone footsteps were those of a fellrunner

who must have run up via the Hudson Place footpath

as we hadn't seen anyone during the walk.


By the time we reached the car

our outward footsteps had been filled in

by the strong wind and drifting snow.


Good job the route finding wasn't a problem.


- - - o o o - - -




Technical note: Pictures taken with either Ann's Canon 75 or my Canon G10 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed . . . without the need for old footsteps to rely on for navigation.

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