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The George Fisher Summer Outing

Date & start time: Thursday 1st July 2010, 6.30 pm start.

Location of Start : Bar 26, Keswick, Cumbria, Uk ( NY 264 227 )

Places visited : The Boat Landings and a " Round the Lake " trip.

Walk details : Half a mile to the jetty, 4.5 mls round, zero ft of ascent , 1 hr including refreshments.

Highest point : The conversations.

Walked with : The George Fisher crew, past and present.

Weather : Poor . . . . to say the least !

 Fisher's Summer Outing at EveryTrail


T'was the evening of the George Fisher Summer outing.

The weather for the last few months has been warm and sunny . . .

so a trip around the lake on the Keswick Launch seemed like a good idea.

Tonight coincided with the retirement of a long term member of staff, Mary Airey

( the one with the glasses . . . sorry about the photo ! )

But it's time to make our way down to the lake . . . should I bring the sun cream ?

Mmmm . . . the forecast for the evening has unfortunately come true . . .

the first wet day after more or less sixty days of sunshine !

No row boats for us, we've hired a lake steamer for an evening cruise.

Three different clothing styles heading for the boat.
Julie and Andy follow close behind.

The canapés and champagne are loaded and the boat is ready . . .

All aboard for a trip around the lake.

It looks like umbrellas are the order of the day for foredeck passengers.

The picturesque Catbells outline stands out despite the approaching rain.

Lingholm House as we pass the small Lingholm Islands.

The walled garden of Lingholm was supposed to be the inspiration

for Mr McGreggor's garden in the Peter Rabbit stories.

The grand house on Derwent Island as we pass by.

A Laser on Derwent Water.

These guys won't mind the rain as they are dressed for getting wet.

Can I hear the Titanic Overture ?
A figurehead of two beauties in the rain.

The rather nice house on Brandlehow Point appears out of the mist.

Time to move the crisps inside as they are getting decidedly un-crisp.

Crowd scene inboard.

Cheers Sam . . . Respect !

We pass the scheduled steamer as we head back for Keswick.

Who says bad weather can't be artistic ?

Inside, fuzzy but dry . . .
. . . outside clear but wet.

Let's not forget the quality photos . . . Anita and Audrey smile for the camera.

Julie, Michael and Dot are intent on something ahead while Louise enjoys a separate conversation.

Back at the jetty . . . where the spirit has not been dampened by the weather.

Most people are off to town for a meal at a local restaurant.

The party continues . . . but not the photos !

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Technical note: Pictures taken with my Canon G10 digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . an umbrella or waterproof nibbles.

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