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Date & start time: Monday 19th January 2009.

Location of Walk : Oak Bank Farm, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 147 222 )

Places visited : Oak Bank, Pottergill, Foulsyke woods and home.

Walk details : 1.25 mls, negligible ascent, 45 mins.

Highest point : The fact it didn't rain !

Walked with : The dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Snow in the morning but dry for the walk. Cold and damp as you can imagine !

It was a snowy day in Loweswater . . .


Having re-filled the bird feeder and the squirrel food, we were entertained by our local red squirrel

There are several around, this one distinguished by its lighter coloured tail. Others that visit are quite dark.

Time for a late breakfast.
Turning his back to the weather.

It's cold enough for the snow to settle on the grass and not melt away.

Our squirrel is joined by a robin on the table above him . . . plenty for all.

Some he carries away and buries in the garden for later.

We should get a good crop of small hazel samplings judging by the amount we supply. He can't possibly remember where he hid them all.

However, this one he chooses to enjoy straight away despite gathering snow on his back as he eats.

- - - o o o - - -

Time for a walk and after visiting neighbours I take a longer route home to give the dogs a little extra exercise.

Crossing the fields towards Low Fell, the sheep run over towards myself and the dogs.

Are they thinking I'm the farmer with an extra supply of food or do they think the dogs are sheep and they've come over to join them ?

Once they realise that neither reason is correct, they depart as quickly as they arrived.

Snow covered Low Fell, in particular Watching Crag.

Photo from Pottergill which has an old abandoned farmstead on the lower slopes of the fell.

Looking back across the valley to Oak Bank Farm, Scale Hill Cottages and the grey slopes of cloud covered Grasmoor.

[ Please note this route is not a public right of way or open access land but I've crossed the fields with permission of the owner ]

Whiteside . . . living up to its name today.

The mist gives it a conical look, but it is just the western end of the ridge leading up to Hopegill Head.

The gate at Pottergill, looking up the valley to Crummock Water towards the high fells.

The snow covered slopes of Dodd and Swinside as I walk back through the woods.

It was as cold and damp as it looked but the temperature had risen a few degrees above freezing, just enough to melt the snow down here.

Mellbreak and Hen Comb topped out in white.

Misty Grasmoor standing out above the Coach House at Foulsyke as I near the end of the walk.

- - - o o o - - -


Technical note: Pictures taken with with my Cannon G7 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . Hot soup for lunch !

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