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Date & start time: Tuesday 4th November 2008. 10.30 am start.

Location of Event : Lanthwaite Green, Loweswater , Cumbria, Uk ( NY 159 207 )

Places visited : Gasgale Gill, Dove Crags, Grasmoor, Lad Hows, Cinderdale and back.

Walk details : 5.25 ml, 2675 ft of ascent, 5.5 hours.

Highest point : Grasmoor 2,791ft ( 852m)

Walked with : Jeff and Rachel, Joan, Ann and the dogs, Hattie, Watson, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Overcast but dry. Cold and breezy on the top.

Our Lanthwaite Green start point.


Today's not such a good day weather wise, but it's dry and the tops are clear.

Joan (from Loweswater), plus Jeff and Rachel (who are up on holiday) join us for a walk, up and then down, the steep slopes of Grasmoor.

The walk includes a view of Joan's house (Foulsyke) from the top - hurrah !

The Gasgale Gill start and a new quad bike.

The owner of Lanthwaite Cottages is out trying to fix his water supply. The recent flooding washed away his drinking water intake pipe.

Pick and shovel at work.
Rachel looks up towards our route ahead.

Gasgale Gill from our path which climbs up above the river.

The view across the valley includes a sighting of our local Loweswater Pheasant - confused ? . . . see below.

On the hillside, the trees form the shape of a passing pheasant - honestly !

Onward and upward . . . the dogs lead the way up the valley.

We plan to ascend Grasmoor up the skyline to the right.

Jeff finds a small walled shelter alongside the path.
Harry finds a snake - sorry, a piece of wood - to chew
Halfway up the valley we turn right and start the main climb.
Joan seems to be enjoying it !

Jeff leans into the hill to emphasise the slope.

I told you it was steep !

Halfway up, the slope eases as we reach Dove Crag Cove.

Surprisingly it's a dry cove with no tarn, despite the raised lip to the valley.

The dogs don't believe me and go in search of a drink.
A damp patch in the heather is the best they can find.

" Hey you lot, come and see what I can see from here "

Click here or on the photo above for a 360 degree annotated panorama.

" And there's another exciting bit just ahead . . . . the rock step "

What Harry didn't say was that the rock was extremely slippery. The Skiddaw Slate has experienced a warm, damp summer and was very green.

We divert to the right and try and find a way through the crags that allows us the privilege of grass to hang on to.

Rachel follows Hattie up the slope.
Mission accomplished, we look down with satisfaction.

Perhaps the smile on my face is one of relief too as the rock was particularly slippery.

Last time we climbed the rock step itself, but this time our route involved a fifty yard diversion before we found a safe route for everyone to climb.

Above the rock step now.

Ann and Jeff are being followed by a large cloud !

More cloud pours over Coledale Hause . . .
. . . and I go across to get the best view of the valley.

Grisedale Pike

and the ridge left to Hopegill Head through a gap in the cloud.

Having managed the main part of the climb, the slope eases and we make our way over to the summit of Grasmoor.

Last week this was covered in snow.

Today there was just a handful left.

Poor weather has its advantages however, and the lack of long distance visibility is compensated

by the antics of the clouds as they swirl around the fells below us.

Crummock Water from the summit of Grasmoor.

Loweswater is clear and Joan is happy at spotting her home.

She is trying to climb each of the fells than she can see from her front room.

Rachel, Hattie, Jeff plus Thermos at the summit shelter.
Joan and Wattie. I think she's missing a sandwich by the look of it ?

While we were there a large party of walkers appeared out of the mist, stayed for a while, then departed.

[ If you were part of that group, do let me know.]

Time for us to leave, but before we do, a quick look over to Great Gable and the Scafell tops.

The mist forms a veil around Red Pike and a trace of last week's snow cornice still survives on High Stile.

Below, our route down Lad Hows.

That's steep as well.

Looking down Lad Hows, with Whiteless Pike on the opposite side of the valley.

Easier now as we near the Lad Hows summit.

How to take a picture of all four dogs - bribe them with treats !
When the treats disappeared so do some of the dogs. You can' win !
From that Holly bush we dropped down towards Cinderdale.
Autumnal colours by the lake.

After a short walk back up the slope, close under the crags of Grasmoor, we're back at the car after a fine day out.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with with my Cannon G7 or Ann's Ixus 75 Digital cameras.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . a photographer's supply of dog treats.

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