Date & Time: Wednesday 30th January 2008. 3.20 pm start.

Location of Start : Allonby seashore car park, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 080 429 )

Places visited : Allonby beach.

Walk details : 1.8 mls, 15 ft of ascent, 1 hour or so.

Highest point : Top of the beach - 15 ft above sea level !

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Cold, blustery, westerly wind. Sunshine but not warm.

Harry on a windy Allonby beach



Despite a good forecast and even some sun in Loweswater, the weather never really brightened up as expected.

We had to go over to Gilcrux (pronounced "Gil-cruse") at some point this week, so it was a chance to continue on to the Solway coast and get clear of the clouds that were holding over the high ground of the Central Fells.

Brown Rigg and the headland just north of Maryport.

Out to sea it was quite bright as the cloud base only started at the Solway shoreline.

Looking north up the coast with sunshine on the distant Dubmill Point.

Criffel mountain on the opposite side of the wide Solway Firth was just visible through the greyness that accompanied the long distance views.

Allonby Beach is a sweeping pebble and sand crescent that extends some six miles north from Maryport.

The onshore breeze was forming a reasonable surf but the temperature had not encouraged any locals in to sample the waves.

In the picture above Ann had been photographing the waves and this driftwood that had been blown ashore in the strong wind.

It may have been cold but it wasn't that cold that it stopped Harry from taking a dip.

The beach was all together warmer though.

Time for a game of throwing sticks . . .

As good a way to keep warm as wearing a down jacket.

If you throw a stick and the dogs are looking the other way you don't half feel a fool !

Sometimes it helps to point out where it went.

But generally they enjoyed the sport.

Dubmill Point in the distance as we made our way along the beach, causing the seagulls to take to the water.

The Oyster Catchers however chose to fly off in a noisy display of annoyance.

Time to turn around and face the wind on our return to the car.


The problem with a westerly beach is that it gathers all the sea washed litter.

Being winter time there was no one cleaning the foreshore

and the place had rather an air of neglect.


Even the flag showed signs of having been buffeted by the wind

for that little bit too long !

Even though it was a seaside resort in mid January there was signs of life. A cheerful set of welcoming lights advertised the Baywatch Hotel and Jack's Surf Bar.

The village of Allonby also boasted a nice looking sport centre, set back behind the houses. Full marks for effort on their part.

A geographers delight . . . this is Crookhurst Beck which enters at the centre of the village but has been diverted north by the raised shingle beach.

The coastal drift of the pebbles, carried by the action of the waves, has raised the level of the beach all along the bay.

This has diverted the stream over half a mile north until it is finally able to break through and escape to the sea just south of Dubmills point.

Walking at the seaside makes a real change - but perhaps we will leave the swimming costumes till a warmer day.


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