Date & Time: Friday 28th Sept 2007.

Location : Mewslade Bay on Gower ( SS 420 870 )

Places visited : Swansea, Pitton Farm parking, to Mewslade and back.

Walk details : 2 mls, 450 ft of ascent, a 2 hour ramble.

Highest point : It was downhill all the way from the car park.

Walked with : Ann and the dogs, Harry and Bethan.

Weather : Beautifully sunny with the occasional cloudy shadow.

Day 1. Mewslade Gower / Mewslade Gwyr


We've booked time away from the Lakes to return to South Wales, to visit our son who stayed on in Swansea when we journeyed north five years ago, to catch up with ex-neighbours, and to re-visit Gower and Pembrokeshire for a little coastal walking.

We're staying with Sandra and Jackie in their house overlooking the bay.

We're actually only staying with Sandra as it happens, as the morning after we arrive, Jackie had to go north to, of all places the Lake District,

for a conference weekend in Chapel Stile.

Swansea is undergoing a period of change and re-development.

As the old dockland and town slowly lose their traditional industrial and commercial heritage, so new developments are underway to re-vitalise the town.

Down here on the river, a new footbridge links the west and east sides of the River Tawe.

The new "SA1" development of housing overlooking the old Kings Dock Basin.

On the west side, the original Marina area is now looking well established and the river is full of boats of all types.

The Norwegian Church traditionally stood at the entrance to the docks and was the focal point for the "Mission to Seamen" in the past.

Due to road widening, it has been re-built, brick by brick, in a more central area of the dock.

For a wider view on Swansea try out  the "Gower Live" webcams.

With the prospect of good weather, we head for Gower in order to walk to one of our favourite beaches - Mewslade.

A three quarter's of a mile walk took us down the valley and on to the beach, passing though serious limestone country.

However Bethan is in serious rabbit country I think !
Thurba Head - standing out above golden sands.

At low tide the beach expands extensively as there is a huge tidal difference here in the Bristol Channel.

At high Spring tides there can be a vertical difference of over forty feet (thirteen metres) between low and high water marks and so all this beach is hidden twice a day by the incoming tide.

Click here or on the photo for an wider annotated panorama.

Gower was the first ever "UK Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" and came close to winning the recent "Best View in Britain" competition on television.

The limestone here forms a flat peninsular at around 200 ft (75m) and gives rise to these magnificent cliffs.

Ann walks below Thurba Head as crows fly above.
Dramatic caves and rock scenery on the headland.

Crossing the beach - definitely time to remove footwear and feel the sand.

Ann looks at the cliff scenery which is temporarily in shadow.

An unnamed cliff at the back of the beach.
The Needle

The sun returns as we make our way back.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed an extra four legs on some of the photos - we're dog walking Sandra and Jackie's Jack Russell Terrier today.

As they said in the movies . . . " When Harry met Sally "

Back now to the top of the beach on the way back to the car.

The sea has carved wonderful shapes and caves in the rock and, as befits limestone country, one forms the outlet for a small stream at the end of the dry valley.

Just think, in six hours, all this beach will be ten feet underwater.


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Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon G7 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . an accurate tide table.

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