Date & Time: 28th April 2007. 3.15 pm start. ( NY 085 153 )

Location of Start : Anglers Crag car park, Ennerdale, Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : Anglers Crag, Boat How Woods, Robin Hoods Chair and back.

Walk details : 4.5 mls, 600 ft of ascent , 2 hrs 5 mins.

Walked with : Jo Hall Ann and the dogs.

Weather : Wonderful blue sky and clear high pressure sunshine.

Pictures below kindly provided by Jo.

Date & Time: 28th April 2007. 3.15 pm kick off. ( NY 414 561)

Location of Start : Carlisle Football Stadium, Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : The Carlisle Rugby Club bar and the Carlisle Football Stadium

Walk details : 500 yds, 100 ft of ascent , 2 hrs 5 mins.

Walked with : Gareth and Mike.

Weather : Wonderful blue sky and clear high pressure sunshine.

For our day - pictures by myself.


Our son was visiting us for the weekend, the date being conveniently decided by the Swansea City Football team's away fixture with Carlisle United.

To be fair he did invite his Dad to fill the spare seat in the car, when he and a friend travelled on to Carlisle for the match !


Jo Hall was in the Lakes too, and looking to take advantage of the fine weather, so she invited Ann to join her and her dogs on an alternative outing.

Our dogs ? - well the four hounds wouldn't get much exercise just walking from the car to the stadium would they ?

Ann and Jo started their walk from the foot of Ennerdale Lake.
We started ours virtually in the centre of Carlisle.

The weir at the western end of Ennerdale Water - Great Borne and Bowness Knott stand out on the other side.

Ann walking towards their first objective, Anglers Crag.

We parked in one of the designated off street parking places . . .
. . . and our first objective was to meet friends in the Rugby Club bar !

Pre-match warm up . . . that's why they have two sets of goals at the same end !

Ann and Jo were also warming up . . .

climbing the narrow path up the crag . . . the slight haze blanking out the views of the sea over on the west coast.

Looking inland though, the visibility was beautifully clear.

In Carlisle the RAF Rescue helicopter, which had been circling high above,

now made a dramatic entrance directly into the football ground.

Hovering about twelve feet above the turf

it lowered a winch-man who ran over carrying the match ball for today's game - very impressive !

Meanwhile Ann and Jo had almost reached the top of Angler's Crag

Great views across to Bowness Knott and Great Borne today . . .

and great views too looking down on the rock formations and the water below.

From near the top they regained the view up the valley.

High Stile Ridge is on the left, Pillar in the centre, followed round to the right by Steeple, Scoat Fell and Haycock.

A final watering of the pitch, and clearing the ground of confusing goal mouth look-a-likes, we were almost ready to go.


The Away Crowd were in full voice like this for most of the 90 minute game.

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Hey what's this - one minute in and the first goal to . . . Swansea. The away fans (that's us) go wild !!!

The first half continued with Swans on top but Carlisle seemed good at second phase possession

and certainly carried the game into the Swansea end on several tense occasions - here a free kick to Carlisle - but it came to nothing.

Far from the madding crowd, Ann relaxes on the summit rock and enjoys the view . . .

well as much as you can relax with four dogs and a pocket full of dog treats.

Harry - first dog to the water as ever -
after the ladies had dropped down to the lake on the far side of the crag.

Latterbarrow is the wooded knoll at the head of the lake

but Ann and Jo decided to turn around before getting that far.

How far had we got ? Yes it's the Eddie Stobbart Dancers entertaining the home crowd at the interval

Score so far :- Carlisle 0 Swansea 1.

But what's this ? Heavy pressure from Carlisle at the start of the second half brought an equaliser . . .

and they maintained the pressure, causing Swansea Fans to hold their heads with stress, at the closeness of a second goal attempt.

Back at the lake - all is peace and tranquility.
Here a Bird's Nest tree - but I think it is just natural growth.

The path below Anglers Crag has a deceptive rise and fall, and involves a simple rock scramble on it's way round the lakeside.

Looking back, the head of Ennerdale Valley has remained hidden by the bulk of Pillar Fell.

Pillar Rock can just be made out as a notch and vertical crag, half way up it's left (northern) side.

Suddenly a huge cry ran out as the Swans came back and scored a second goal two minutes from the end

The crowd (this end) went wild !

The players were quite happy too and came over to tell us !
and the match finished with the Swans pushing hard for another goal.

This was the last game of Carlisle's season and, after the whistle, the crowd invaded the pitch to congratulate their team even though they had not won on the day.

Then they came across to compliment the away supporters - but I have a feeling it was not quite as complimentary as it appeared.

The Police were certainly taking no chances, and kept us in the stand and them a " full ten yards back " across the pitch.

As we finished in Carlise, so Ann and Jo finished their walk in Ennerdale.

For them it was a brief walk back to the car and then a short trip home.

For us . . . we still had an hour left to drive.

- - - o o o - - -

Technical note: My Pictures taken with a Canon Ixus Digital camera.

Jo kindly offered her pictures as Ann didn't take a camera.

All photos resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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