Date & Time: Thursday 14th December 2006. 1.15 pm start.

Location of Start : Keswick town centre.

Places visited : The boat landings, Friars Crag

Walk details : 1.6 mls, 140 ft of ascent , 45 mins.

Walked with : Myself.

Weather : Grey and heavily overcast, still slightly raining.


I took the chance of a quick trip down to the lake during my Thursday lunch break.

It has been raining a little recently, or more correctly . . . raining heavily for the last five weeks . . . and the water levels everywhere are understandably high.

The Boathouse below Theatre by the Lake was flooded nearly up to the top of it's doors

and the beach and slipway were completely under water.

A wider shot of the Boat Landings.

Click here or on the photo for a larger, anotated version.

The boats are not running today due to technical problems.
Here's another technical problem on the adjacent jetty.

Even the steps up to the wooden walkways are well under water.

Lakeland Mist moored alongside the poles, the only visible part of the jetty.

Skiddaw behind still has a thick covering of cloud.

The overnight rain has fallen as snow on the high fells, only visible now as the cloud starts to lift.

On the way out to Friars Crag I passed the memorial stone to Cannon Rawnsey,

A prominent Cleric, local benefactor, and co-founder of the National Trust.

Lingholm House and Nichol End Marina (with the light) across the lake.

The classic view from Friars Crag, towards Castle Crag and the distant grey Head of Borrowdale.

The Memorial to the poet John Ruskin
It is set back above the path at the end of the promentory

"The first thing which I remember as an event in life was being taken by my nurse to the brow of Friars Crag on Derwent Water" . . . John Ruskin.

A clam lake but a rather grey Friars Crag, with Causey Pike behind.

I completed the walk by taking the path, or what was left of it, across the muddy fields and back to town.

Just time to wash my trainers before reporting back for work.

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Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon IXUS 400 Digital camera.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

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