Date & Time: A mixture of Saturday December 9th and Tuesday Dec 12th 2006.

Location of walk : A short walk up Hope Beck Valley, above the village of Lorton in Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : Hope Beck, Keswick, and Cockermouth.

Saturday's Walk : Gareth, Ann and the dogs (while I was working).

My pics are from Keswick on the same day and Cockermouth on the Monday after.

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The subtle thing about this set of photos was that Ann had the camera for the walk,

so I resorted to my mobile phone to catch the Mummers at "play" .

Flush with success, I went on to see what the phone camera would pick up later in the evening as I returned home from "a hard day in the office".

Clever these little mobile phones . . . but I think I'll go back to the other camera !


A morning visitor to our bird table this morning, taking a break after his rapid flight in.

Unfortunately for our garden birds the Sparrow Hawk is a carnivore not a vegetarian,

but she went away empty handed on this occasion.

The Hope Beck Valley is the short one climbing from Lorton village towards the northern facing crags of Hopegill Head.

There are nice views back across the Solway to Scotland on a good day.

Gareth and Bethan
Gareth again, this time trying to retrieve the stick in order to throw it a second time.


Harry ready to play with his stick.
It landed over here somewhere I'm sure.

Red sky at night - rain tomorrow again !!!

Photos by Ann.

Meanwhile in Keswick, it was Saturday lunchtime and the market was going full swing.

The Mummers were enacting an old English play, and collecting for charity I think.

Mummers Players are from the same background as Morris Dance Men . . . traditional country folk of old.

The "Doctor" was advertising the power of his elixir to cure all ills.

Here he was giving each of these unfortunate victims his "Wonderful Elixir of Life"

. . . and moments later they were fit and well again, and back to fighting each other.

There's a moral there somewhere !

Keswick's Moot Hall at lunchtime
A few hours later with the lights on for Christmas


The Skiddaw Hotel lit for Christmas
The Moot hall Square from the other side this time.

Then into Cockermouth and it's lights on Monday.

The Old Curiosity Shop on the Bridge in Market Place
Goody 2 Shoes Christmas window.
complete with a Teddy bear in the old pram.

Bank's Hardware Store window

and inside you will find one of the oldest of the Cockermouth shop interiors still in it's original form.

It's like a museum in it's own right.

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Technical note: Walk pictures taken with a Canon IXUS 400 Digital camera. All the town pictures were taken with a Sony Ericson Walkman Mobile phone.

Resized in Photoshop, and built up on a Dreamweaver web builder.

This site best viewed with . . . the mobile phone instruction book and a toch to read it.

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