Date & Time: Saturday 1st July 2006. 12.30 pm start.

Location of Start : Scawgill Bridge, Whinlatter, Cumbria, Uk. ( NY 177 257 )

Places visited : Spout Force ( Waterfall )

Walk details : 2/3rd of a mile 300 ft of ascent , 30 mins up and back.

Walked with : Ann and the dogs.

Weather : Overcast and warm.


Today we were en-route to a family function, but we needed a short walk to exercise the dogs before the journey.

Spout Force seemed an obvious choice.

The only problem was that the footpath was officially closed for six months and we only had a half hour to spare.

The Forestry contractors have been working hard recently, felling and clearing timber from the opposite bank, and in order to do so persuaded the planning authority to impose a draconian six month closure order. Well done LDNPA Planning.

We decided that we would investigate . . .

The recent felling opposite.
But this side, with the path, was clear.

Using common sense we progressed along the path on the delightful walk alongside Aiken Beck.

No practical reason why we shouldn't !

The waterfall viewpoint.
Spout Force slightly hidden in summer foliage.

Clear water and a delightful walk alongside it.

Forestry equipment
Recent felling opposite

The pulley block was the left hand end of the aerial ropeway system the contractors had been using last week to transport cut logs from the hillside back up to the waiting lorries. Had this still be present it would have posed a potential hazard. Had it been working then it would have been a definite keep out scenario.

As it was, our walk was safe, uneventful and a delight.

Back down to the Bridge and the road.

It's a pity they can't work a red flag or restricted access system for the days that the path needs to be closed due to work in progress. That would be meaningful and would be respected.

As it was we, and the other people we met on the walk, ignored the signs placed as a result of the easy option, politically correct, six months closure notices.

I wonder how many tourists , guide books in hand, have seen them and have turned away disappointed?

Good for tourism ? I don't think so.


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