" Grasmoor with Fishers and Salomon "

Date & Time: 24th May 2006. 9 am in Keswick then 10.30 am start for the walk. ( NY 162 193 )

Location of Start : Keswick, then Cinderdale car park adjacent to Crummock Water, Cumbria, Uk.

Places visited : Lad Hows onto Grasmoor, then Wandope, Whiteless Pike and down to Rannerdale Valley.

Walk details : 5.5 mls, 2,750 ft of ascent , 4 hrs 38 mins.

Walked with : A group of eighteen staff and colleagues of George Fishers, Salomon and Memory Map Ltd.

Weather : Overcast with a strong and cool breeze, particularly on the top. Sunny periods, cloud base at 2,800 ft.

Gathering the crew at Cinderdale Car Park, Buttermere Valley.


After getting kitted out we left Keswick and drove over to Buttermere Valley for a day out with the Salomon representatives.

This photo sums up the weather. Apart from the strong, cold wind, it was a great day for walking.

Moss Beck Falls at the head on Newlands Valley - full of water after recent rainy days.

Buttermere Church

A delightful little church looking even better in the morning sunlight - worth a quick photographic stop.

We re-grouped at the car park on Cinderdale Common on the side of Crummock Water.

We all had either Salomon Trail Shoes, Running Shoes or Walking Boots. We also were wearing base layer shirts to try out.

Several of the staff also had lightweight windproof jackets and Salomon rucksacks to try as well.

Off to Lad Hows for the ascent of Grasmoor
Climbing up alongside Cinderdale Beck

Rannerdale Knotts enjoying a "sunny period". (Note the slightly blue hint to its lower slopes).

Behind is Red Pike, with High Stile to the left and Starling Dodd to the right.

Loweswater beyond the northern end of Crummock Water.

The forecast for changeable weather was working in our favour so far.

Making our way up Lad Hows

The wind proof gear was starting to be tested.

With a large group such as ours it was necessary to stop to let the back markers catch up.

Chance to catch a bite to eat - perhaps we can call it elevenses - too early for lunch.

Chance also to study the Gps that Dean had brought along.

Topping out of Grasmoor summit - Yvette celebrates with arms raised sky-ward.

Even the multiple summit shelter could not provide shelter for the whole of our large group.

Rather than linger we turn and get blown down towards Crag Hill

The newly engineered path over Wandope Moss and left, down towards Coledale Hause.

These pathways appear worse than the original but the excellent landscaping alongside the pathway will soon help to reinstate to ground cover and allow the scar to heal.

Wandope summit and time to chat - again.

Nigel Shep taking the opportunity to take more photos for Salomon.

His brief is to record the day, and as an experienced mountain guide, keep us on the straight and narrow.

The George Fishers Girls, plus the Robbie (in yellow) and Nigel of Salomon (in Grey).

Nice Hat Nigel - a real bargain I believe.


Eileen wanted a photo of herself and the Lad Hows path behind

just to prove she climbed it successfully.

Time now to make our way down.

Louise in her yellow top and matching Salomon shoes - pure coincidence

Whiteless Pike descent was steeper than I remember

but was a good test for footwear grip with lots of alternating between rock and grass.

Lower down we escaped from the wind and decided to take a break to enjoy a slightly late lunch.

Ahead of us while we sat was Sail Beck, Ard Crags, with Causey Pike in the far distance.



While most of us indulged in sandwiches, Mark was dining in style with a stove and a hot lunch.


Note the rather bold red, soft shell shoes being tested by Mark and Jonathan.

Nice to see some colour coming back into outdoor gear.

Down now into Rannerdale Valley

towards the end of the walk.

The reason for the blue colour was gradually beginning to become clear.

This year's display of Bluebells has really blossomed in the last two weeks and were now colouring the lower slopes of the valley.

Bluebells and Whiteless Pike, from whence we came.
More Bluebells and the bridge over Rannerdale Beck


The "Bloomery" kiln surrounded by colour
Melbreak across the blue meadow and a slightly less blue lake.


Back now onto the path towards Cinderdale as we leave the valley.


A final stream crossing and waterproof test for the boots.


Reece explaining some extra detail about their product Range

or was this the occasion he was telling them they were on the wrong table ?

Settled in the other bar, Robbie led a discussion on the day's activities

and a we conducted a debrief on the products we used on our day on the fells.

Our thanks must go to Robbie, Nigel Shep, Nigel and Reece of Salomon, and Dean of Memory Map for an excellent day out.

Thanks also to the Kirkstile Pub for being there in time of need - thirsty work is gear testing !


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( Please note - any opinions here are purely personal and may or may not reflect those of Salomon or George Fisher Ltd.)

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Technical note: Pictures taken with a Canon IXUS 400 Digital camera.

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This site best viewed . . .after a de-brief in a friendly pub.

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