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Date : 11th November 2005

Location : Newark, near Nottingham Uk.

Occasion : An invitation to a reunion

Details : Roger and Jim invited us to a reunion of themselves and the past guests of their Toronto Bed & Breakfast establishment.

It was more of a pre union for us as we have not stayed there, merely booked recently as a stop over on our Canadian Holiday in a year or so's time.

So, as you can imagine, we knew no-one !!!

Click here or on the photo for a link to them

Sarah (their UK host on their visit here), Jim and Roger

and a glass of their now slightly famous Lemon Drop Martini.

A toast to guests.

A brief history of time - Jim and Roger style.

They had a record of everyone's stay and a note on how they found each of them.

We even got a mention, in anticipation rather than appreciation

as the people who had booked the furthest in advance.

Adjourn to the pub for a meal and a beer
Jim talks to those on the middle table.

Roger pinches my seat and talks to Ann

Sarah and her son Tom (sorry Richard no picture )

Thanks to Sarah for organising the British end of the hospitality.


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