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Two October Walks

Date : 8th and 16th October 2005

Location : Rannerdale Knotts in Buttermere, and Blake and the Loweswater Fells.

Occasion : Two walks with friends.

Walk details : Rannerdale with David Hall, Blake and the Loweswater Fells with the Leaneys

Weather : Sunny and dry days in a week that brought us more than our fair share of rain.

Photo above: Grasmoor from Hawes Point in Buttermere.

The first of these two walks was undertaken late in the afternoon last Saturday. It had been a wet morning and cleared somewhat at midday. David (Hall) had been for a lunchtime walk to take advantage of the clearing weather but it was not until he had finished his Ling Fell walk that the sun came out.

He decided to delay his return home and join us on our afternoon walk. Rannerdale seemed an excellent place to take advantage of the sun and it's a great place to exercise the dogs too.

Looking down Crummock Water

Melbreak is in deep shadow, but Loweswater and Low Fell were enjoying great afternoon sunshine.

Hawes Point below Rannerdale Knotts

This is the small beach alongside the road as it prepares to cling to the cliff face on its way round the point, and on up towards Buttermere.

The low sun gave a over-darkened photo image, although it was still a sunny afternoon at this time.


As we climbed up the first grassy slope we started to get views across to the High Stile Ridge.

The second summit from the left, High Stile, is in fact taller than the shapely third top of Red Pike. The perspective is deceiving.

Buttermere Village, Lake and the fells at the head of the valley.

The bracken was starting to turn an evocative autumnal brown.

Turning round we had a more extensive view down the lake.

As we climbed we met a delightful couple. Heidi, an artist currently specialising in indoor and outdoor murals, was enjoying the fine scenery and the dramatic light. Her partner, apologies but his name escapes me, was from Essex. This was her first visit to the Lakes. It may not be the last I think.

Together we climbed the rest of the way up the front end of Rannerdale,

here nearing the top where the path has been improved. The old erosion scar has almost gone.

View from the top.

Grasmoor with bands of light and shade, from Rannerdale summit.

After a few minutes enjoying the last of the sun, we made our way along the top of Rannerdale Knotts towards Buttermere.

As the sun dipped behind Melbreak the valley took on a subdued look as the sun's brightness diminished.

We returned to the car by dropping down into Rannerdale Valley on the northern side of the hill.

Ahead was Crummock, beyond it Loweswater, and beyond that again and still enjoying the late afternoon sun, the coast of Scotland some 30 miles away.

David's pictures of today can be viewed by clicking here.

16th October 2005:

A few days later Ann and Andrew knocked on the door and enquired as to whether we wanted to join them on a walk up onto the local Loweswater Fells.


I was at work in Keswick that day, but Ann took up the offer and she and the dogs were away for a walk up Burnbank, Blake and Gavel Fells.


This first shot is of Ann and Andrew next to Burnbank's summit fence.

The summit of Blake looking south west into the sun.

The dogs had obviously been enjoying the wetter and muddier parts of the fells.

The bright sun was extremely warm. Long distant views away from the sun were good,

and this was the middle of a short but enjoyable few days of late summer sun.

Gavel Summit.

Behind on the left was Dale Head, in the centre the between Ann and Andrew the High Stile Ridge, with Pillar and Steeple to the right.

Making their way down towards High Nook Farm

Ahead was Carling Knott on the left, with Loweswater (centre) and Darling Fell and Low Fell behind.

From there it was a short walk back home and a welcome cup of tea.

Click here for Andrew's pictures.


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