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Date : Wednesday 24th August. 7 pm start.

Location : Start at the Glenrothay Hotel, Badger Bar, at Rydal in Cumbria, Uk.

Occasion : A Geo-cache evening organised by DB Outdoor systems and GPS Training.

Walk details : A discussion about geo-caching followed by a 45 min local walk in Rydal Woods.

Weather : Cool and cloudy with recent rain. Darker now as the evenings are drawing in.

The eveniing was organised by DB Outdoor Systems to give people a chance to find out how the new Magellan Explorist Gps works. At the initial briefing indoors Peter Judd started by explaining the basic principles and the practical method of operating the GPS (Global Positioning System). He then went on to introduce the idea of Geo-caching, in simple terms a treasure hunt with Gps to help you navigate to the treasure or cache.

Sometimes the Cache can be real (a hidden box with a prize to swop - take something out but put something else back in for the next person) or a virtual cache where you have to find local information to prove you have reached the right place.

Tonight we had a series of nine virtual caches to find.

Lets start at the beginning . . .

Richard (DB) in blue with his back to the camera, Peter (Gps Training) hidden in the middle, and representatives from HF Holidays, Summit-Trek, Ultimate Outdoors, and George Fisher Keswick (me!)

Year 200 The Milennium Garden  (also acceptable - Rydal Church Gardens circa 1824) First location, NY 36428 06189, Rydal Church Gardens - give the date ?

( For the answer, hover the curser over the red pin. but self control and no cheating if you plan to try the route for real)

Taize Style prayer Second Location - (36474 06201) Rydal Church - What type of prayer ?


Right over Pelter Bridge

The Riding School No 3 (36596 05953) What type of school here ?

01-539-432765 No 4 - "Reservation number" at 36398 06004
Four - brigh red ones ! No 5 - 36176 06019 How many red doors ?

A walk through the woods led us across to the shores of Rydal Water.

The water levels were high after last nights heavy rain.

The National Trust - please close the gate. Question 6 - 35981 06002 Who is directing you to close the gate ?

February and April on memorial plaque Question 7 - Give the months refered to at 35702 06024.

- - - ooo - - -

The walk gave us chance to try out the Gps, navigating by simple "goto" steps, ie go to one, go to two. We were also able to draw the "treasure" waypoints together into a sequential route and use the navigate route feature.

We even got round to discussing the potential for sales of the product, the very detailed topo-map display, and the potential for the Gps to be used for navigation training, or in HF Holidays case, for evening events for guests.

- - - ooo - - -


Back to the walk . . Having admires the view across Rydal Water and its islands, we headed back to the hotel.

Rydal Estate Clue 8 - Who's Estate is mentioned at 36347 06118? Rydal Footbridge.

Two, or four if you count both sides ! Final location 36347 06160 - How many Badgers on the Badgers Bar sign ?

You could answer this one by looking at the picture , but the others you'll have to go out and find yourself.

Being a virtual cache site trail it can be done by anyone at anytime. The map references are ten figure which give accuracy down to a one metre square but due to the earth and the satelites wobbling a bit (!) you should expect to get gps accuracy to a max of five metres - enough to get you to a point to search what you are looking for.

Disclaimer: I have transposed the Badger Trail details here to the best of my ability, but don't come back to me if you get lost, fall in the river, or end up at some wierd map reference. I've finished my rather nice meal and already left the area.

Finally thanks again to Richard and DB for the evening out.

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